Is this Hillary’s “nurse/doctor”?

NY Post explains

Without citing a source, the NY Post attempts to explain away the crazy conspiracy story that Hillary has a nurse, with the explanation that the woman is actually Christine Falvo, a former State Department employee who currently has a PR firm in New York. While the Post constructef a side by side photo to disprove that the woman is not Hillary’s Westchester County doctor, they didn’t do the same with Ms Falvo


Picture on the left is from the events on September 11th, picture on the right is from Christine Falvo’s LinkedIn profile page. Are they two pictures of the same woman?

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5 Responses to Is this Hillary’s “nurse/doctor”?

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Hillary “Powering Through” and returning to campaigning on Thursday is very risky. It is a very normal reaction to an illness to want to return to work because you feel better for a day. If Hillary stumbles again, her campaign is over. The entire world is watching now. To the degree the press are blocked from watching her or Hillary speeds off without telling the Press, there will be hell to pay. Colin Powell said in an email that Hillary has trouble even walking up to a podium. Hillary sems to have issues not very different than me, but I’m certain I would be unable to be President, or even a greeter at Walmart

  2. JayMar says:

    I think the Izvestia Media is rapidly circling the wagons to protect Hillary. Personally, I think she is done with only her will for power pushing her forward. She has to be very scared of this happening again on live TV with the debate cycle beginning in a few weeks. I still say that Hillary is by far the best Socialist-Democrat nominee which will be easily beat by Trump. Elizabeth Warren, Uncle Joe, or even Michelle would trounce the Donald.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      So now my crazy theory can come full circle – Trump was running as a Republican to enable Clinton to have an easy victory. Now Clinton is staying around so Trump will have an easy win. I don’t really believe the latter, but I do admire symmetry.

  3. Parrott says:

    Yeah I agree, the media is circling the wagons for Hillary. Only good thing is that maybe the ‘Clinkies’ will finally go away . I mean damn, they are bad pennies, and keep turning up.
    I don’t agree about Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ warren. She’s a nut_case. That screech Owl voice , nah, a coal bucket has more personality.

    And I don’t think Mrs. obo could beat Lyndsey Graham-ham ham or Trump. I’d say her negative is as high as Hilliary’s
    I have traveled extensively through West Virginia, through a big swath of VA from Virginia Beach to SWVA and NC from Mt Airey to Statesville and Winston to Raleigh. I could count on my right hand the number of Hilliary signs, I have seen while riding motorcycles with my friends this late summer.
    Homemade Trump signs on barns, sheds, fences, every where. On peoples business’s too. That’s a risk, to put it on their business. I think its that silent majority that goes to work everyday. They are just trying to get by for their family everyday.
    ‘Lunch bucket Joe’ is dipstick, hell he isn’t going anywhere. ( Or I am listening to Chris Plante too much)

    LOL Best

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