The return of Joey Reynolds

Joey Reynolds is best known for getting in the middle of the “payola” investigation where Congress went after radio stations (and DJs) who accepted things to promote radio songs on the air – things like cash, drugs, prostitutes, etc.

Reynolds used to have a syndicated overnight talk show on the WOR radio network where he would bring in live musicians to perform, talk to broadway actors, talk with his friends about his fascination with vampires and the like. It was a truly unique show, probably because nobody at WOR’s management listened to it.

So WABC-AM is bringing Joey Reynolds on board at 9 PM on Sunday night, and the show will be simulcast on KABC in Los Angeles and offered in syndication. The main competition is iHeart’s Bill Cunningham. If the show is being done in the WABC studios, they are located near Penn Station. In addition to the earlier time, the location pretty much precludes Broadway performers wandering in to chat.

Reynolds frequently would wander into politics and really really didn’t like when his guests would challenge him on his “facts”. He probably has strong opinions about Donald Trump and that may be the motive behind his return.

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  1. briand75 says:

    I remember Joey – Joey Heatherton, that is. She dated Joey Reynolds(?) who was around the Rat Pack era. Many Joeys to choose from.

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