Hillary does Greensboro

Hillary’s speech today was at University of North Carolina – Greensboro. UNC-G has been a campus traditionally more aimed at women. It emphasizes arts, music, history, languages, nursing – no intercollegiate athletics just intramural sports like flag football, inner tube water polo, badminton and volleyball.

The audience showed no signs of college students – who would have supported Bernie. The audience looked mostly like government employees and professors. The speech was pretty much boilerplate – protect the children, raise the minimum wage, Donald Trump is the devil, etc.

She did bring up the evil HB2 law of course, which has 12 year old boys trembling in fear they will be beat up for wearing a dress and lipstick to school. There is a recent update, which Hillary mentioned as an obviously coordinated strategy.

The NCAA has announced that some – but not all – NCAA championship events will be removed from NC. I believe that goes not nearly far enough. The NCAA needs to kick out every North Carolina school from the NCAA – maybe even the entire Southeastern Conference, who undoubtedly support Donald Trump. Maybe the schools will even take the lead and just secede and form a separate Southern Athletic Association with its own TV contracts.

Shockingly, the CIAA basketball tournament of historically black Universities has no plans to honor the HB2 boycott. The CIAA tournament is held in Charlotte each year, with the Visitor and Convention bureau tossing in $1 million a year in funding.

Johnson C Smith is the home school – some more history of why Charlotte still has a racially segregated University. Johnson C Smith was created by the Presbyterian church immediately after the Civil War ended. Northern churches had been the backbone of the abolitionist movement and headed South to right the wrongs.

Until 1923, the school operated as Biddle University. The school was renamed after a donor from Pittsburgh who made his fortune building street railways and operating a drug store. In 1924, the Duke endowment made a permanent commitment to donate 4% of the distributed earnings of the trust to fund a university in Charlotte for young colored men. Duke is roughly the Rockefeller family of North Carolina. Duke amassed huge wealth from tobacco, electric power and buying undeveloped land. The Duke Endowment today is worth a little over $3 billion. 25% goes to Duke University and another 25% to Duke Medical Center.

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  1. Parrott says:

    LOL , Love the title of this thread ! 25 years ago, she probably could have !

    I always felt bad for the farmers when John Edwards and the ‘War on tobacco’ was going on. It looks like just as many people smoke and all that tobacco settlement money did was pay hollywood for stupid anti-tobacco ads on the DVD’s.
    waste. Lawyers got rich


    • Fred Stiening says:

      One of my disappointments moving back to NC was I found the state had banned smoking in restaurants while the Democrats controlled things. I’ve never smoked, but felt it should be the kind of thing the restaurant decides. I’m an informed consent kind of guy, not a nanny state. If there is a sign saying “smoking permitted” and you don’t want to be around smoke, go somewhere else or be a waitress somewhere else.

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