19% of blacks now will vote for Trump?

NY Post story

What changed?

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  1. haiti222 says:

    Some people have commented to me they are now undecided after seeing the health of Hillary Clinton. They had expressed fear of Donald Trump before. His outreach and Hillary´s poor health may be having a synergistic effect.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The CBS poll that shows a 42-42% tie in the “battleground” states has an interesting item down in the details. The poll itself is of dubious value, but they asked the panel something like “do you think Hillary’s ‘irredeemable’ remark hurt a lot of people?” 38% of Hispanics said “yes”. I don’t really understand that. My best guess is it resonated sounding like a callous old white person calling people a slur. Even though it wasn’t directed at them, predjudice is still ugly.

      I’ve been mulling what’s going on. Above all, a lot of people want to be rooting for the “winning team”, not rooted in actually believing in anything specific. If the perception is that Hillary is faltering, momentum could take over.

      Trump likes boxing. I think the RNC blocking Don King at the convention will have a payback. I think he is into the area of creating unforced errors. By saying he thinks Obama was born in Hawaii, he set off another round of “birther” controversy. By the reporters running around “proving” that Hillary was not the mother of the birther movement, it puts her team on the defensive again, and setting up the next punch. Obama knows the truth about what Hullary and her people did or did not do.

      Hillary is going to be prone to making more unforced errors like the deplorables remark. He has Hillary supporters trying to defend her by comparing her to FDR. Most people under about 50 barely know about FDR and the party covered up that he was near death in the 1944 election. Even if Hillary isn’t sick, she is now extremely self conscious about not appearing ill. She may have trouble sleeping, load up on medications, take a tumble… Gerald Ford got a reputation of being clumsy. The more you focus on not falling, the more likely you are to fall. The irredeemables call this concept “choking”

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