Jeb Bush is a pussy

Welcome to the new normal. The other day, Milo used the word queef in his podcast, a term that I’m proud to say I arrived at 60 years old without knowing the meaning of. Please excuse the dangling participle.

Donald Trump operated a casino where gambling, booze and prostitution are the main reasons millions of people go there – it isn’t for the lobster buffet.

Part of the reason I put the link up to the 1994 Vanity Fair story about his finances was not so much what it said about money as it was about his attitude toward his first wife Ivana and his second wife Marla Maples.

Here is the last Paragraph

“I have friends who can have war with someone and then go back and be best friends,” he said. “I can’t be that way…. You have to remember who the loyal ones were and who were not, and if you don’t, you’re a total schmuck. And if I have a chance to hurt these people who weren’t loyal to me, I will. Call that vindictive. Call it what you will…. People who wouldn’t talk to me three years ago now call up and want to kiss my ass. I tell my secretary, ‘Rhona, call them back and say, “Mr. Trump told me to tell you, ‘Fuck you!’ ” then hang up.’ ”

It will be interesting to see how this news affects the Alex Jones’ “Bill Clinton is a rapist” campaign.

The gender gap may have just been spread wide open.

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  1. Parrott says:

    yeah I heard on the Larry Kudlow show today that he doubted it will sway voters at this point. Those committed to trump are committed for other reasons like ( anti-Hillery, second amendment, pro-business, anti-abortion) I kinda agree with that.
    Trump said he wasn’t running for saint. Also is the Puritan streak which some Americans have deep down in themselves, is it still there ? Millennials, not so much.
    Cruz wasn’t going to vote for trump, Rubio wasn’t going to vote for trump. The Bush’s were not going to vote for Trump. ‘Mittens’ wasn’t going to vote for Trump. I doubt Paul ryan was ever going to vote for Trump. The dumb-ass across the street from me wasn’t going to vote for trump.
    Nothing changed.
    My parents are disappointed in Trump after the audio release. They will still vote for him. I guess Ivanka was disappointed too .
    Even though Bill Clinton and Shitllery have done worse, it doesn’t make it right.
    It sure didn’t help anything. I need to get my other cat to vote for Trump.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      So you know this is going to come up during the Sunday TownHall show. How do you play it if you’re Trump?

      “OK, you got me. I like having sex with women. I hear the same is true of Hillary, so we have at least one thing in common. Hillary, are you a beard?”

      • Parrott says:

        LOL Good one Fred. Maybe Hilliary has an adams apple ?

        Yeah he should apologize again on stage, say 10 years ago I wasn’t running for president and I made a big mistake of trying to act all gangster with the Bushes. But I am sorry for disappointing Gov Pence, all mu supporters and all of the American people . I am truely sorry and I ask for your forgiveness. Now I want to commit to you I am a better person, I am committed to be a better father, a better husband and a better candidate and I am committed to be the best President of the United States . Just give me a chance. We tried it obo-Hillery way and that put us behind the eight-ball with the deficit, with trade with security , the Middle east is on fire.
        If you truly want change, vote for me. If you want the same, cities burning , general malaise, failure on the world stage, vote for her.
        and when shitllery brings it up again, just say , “Hilliary I apologized , I asked for forgiveness, I am human , I guess i am the only one up here that is not perfect. So shut up you witch !

        yeah that will work, : )

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Trump has held his “Bill Clinton is a rapist” news conference. I’m not a woman (yet) but I’m pretty sure that won’t work. We know from last time, some women fantasize about performing oral sex on Little Wiily™ and can’t conceive that any woman would feel differently. The age and lack of evidence is also weak. Sexual harassment is not rape.

          Clarifying the Beard remark, since it seems like fewer people know the meaning than I thought 😉 Sometimes men and women get married with complete agreement that they will not have a sexual relationship with each other. Why? Parental pressure? To avoid suspicion that they are gay? Social acceptance? Wedding gifts?

          If people start getting suspicious, you arrange a photo op of the couple dancing on the beach and pretend to be outraged at the invasion of privacy…

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Melania speaks

    She first met Trump in 1998 when he was in the process of getting divorced from Marla Maples, but they didn’t get married until 2005.

    So Melania is walking the fine line between being offended and wanting to not be disloyal. Will America agree to the idea that if the President’s wife is OK with his infidelity, it is none of our business?

  3. JayMar says:

    This is an unbelievable situation. Trump is great at self-sabotage, but today Wikileaks released some of Hillary’s emails and promised to release a bit more before the election. At this point I think both candidates should commit harakiri and let someone else take their places. I am not voting and frankly at this point I think it’s all rigged for the hoi polloi.

    Just heard that neither Pence nor Ryan will be going to Wis. Wouldn’t be surprised if Pence just walks out of this charade. Tomorrow’s deba(cle)te should be interesting but I have better things to do. Need to watch My Star Trek episodes in my computer.

    Really, I don’t plan to live much longer so I really reached the point I don’t give a damn what happens. The country cannot be fixed. We are finito.

  4. jpaulwede says:

    There was an article about the Republican establishment scrambling to find an “emergency candidate” to replace Trump after this shocking revelation. It sounds like the Bushies are doing a “Nancy Kerrigan” to Trump. I bet his kneecap is awfully sore…

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    44 year old Billy Bush is the son of Jonathon Bush, brother of George Herbert Walker Bush – which makes him a first cousin of Jeb Bush.

    Billy Bush did a syndicated radio show on Westwood One until it was cancelled in 2014. Billy Bush also hosted the Miss Universe beauty pageant 4 times

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