Dust in the wind…

Pandora and Spotify are totally dominating streaming music in the latest “ratings” in terrestrial streaming. (SiriusXM gets its revenue from subscriptions instead of advertising, so doesn’t have the motivation to closely measure audience)

Pandora “learns” what you like over time and customizes music to each listener, something radio or SiriusXM can never do. The down side is the songs reinforce your already existing preferences rather that encouraging “music exploration”. Pandora is increasing the commercial load a lot for the free service, but not obnoxiously so. Based on my age, sex and music preferences, the ads tend to be well focused on things I would be interested in – an ad for BCBS of North Carolina, McDonalds, etc

I’m pretty sure music is burned into your brain during your formative years. Few seniors sing lady Gaga tunes in the nursing home and few millenials make out listening to Johnny Mathis. There are exceptions to every rule of course.

The music of the 60s and 70s was my era, fading out when disco arrived… wandering down memory lane reinforces the influences that steered this generation in the ditch… Karen Carpenter who sang with herself and faked her TV singing with her brother, singing love songs when she had no love in her life and died of anorexia all alone… John Denver who wrote about his love for his wife Annie who divorced him,and he probably committed suicide by diving his experimental aircraft into the ocean, The Village people singing about the wonders of hanging out at the YMCA, a vain woman singing about how she hates vain people, a Swedish group phonetically singing songs in English they didn’t understand

This was the era where the people running the entertainment business convinced people what they liked by playing DJs with Cash, drugs and pussy. Music has little appeal. Music has taken an inward spiral with songs of people singing about themselves rather than singing about their friends, people they admire or love. Instead of singing about the futility of war, the love of family, belief that life is bigger than you, watching ships come and go from the bay, a piano man watching the characters in a bar in Allentown, the day the music died…

Let’s have a look at the top 10 charts and see what the kids are listening to
1) the Chainsmakers are singing about having sex on a stolen mattress
2) daft punk is a star boy to da bitches
3) 21 pilots are singing about their psychopathic murdering friends
4) Justin Bieber is getting high but will still rescue his friend
5) DJ Snake and Justin Bieber are considering suicide
6) DRAM is smoking pot and fantasizing of doing a Columbine
7) Shawn Mendez is trying to get a girl to break up with her boyfriend
8) Sia is going dancing on Friday night
9) Daya is losing his mind
10) Olivia O’Brien fucked around and now hates that she loves a guy who used her

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5 Responses to Dust in the wind…

  1. JayMar says:

    A few years ago someone said: “Our nation has gone from ‘Leave It To Beaver’ to ‘Beavis and Butthead.” That was about 15 years ago. During this time our nation has gone further down the drain. The filth that is shown on TV today is appalling. Washington is raw sewage. Just picture President Hillary, and the SCOTUS with Barack or Michelle as Chief Justice. With Scalia gone, Ginsberg going and maybe Thomas, we are done.

    I know your post was about music, but what passes today as music shows the decadence our society is in today, and it promises to go down even further. Personally I stopped listening to music in the early 80s. For a while I was into talk radio, and international radio news, as well as international newspapers. I tried listening to music a few years ago but I couldn’t it was no longer enjoyable.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Actually you exactly got the point 😉

      I have moments of weakness when I’m ready for a military coup or a nuclear exchange or an Islamic takeover. What the country has become is a mere shadow of itself. The Chinese probably win in the end. The Russians aren’t smart enough to rule the world. The EU can’t agree on much of anything

      • JayMar says:

        Funny… I don’t share these thoughts with anyone outside my family, but YES I am ready for a military coup. I truly believe that will be our only salvation. The problem is we no longer have leaders of the stature of MacArthur, Patton, Halsey, and Nimitz. These people were demi-gods compared to the feckless wannabes today. The military has been socially-engineered with transjenners that today we are unrecognizable. And where will tomorrow’s leaders come, from the snowflakes presently in college???? Do you have a bullet I can borrow? Just one is all I need.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          My mood is pessimistic at this point, but I was the kind of person who wouldn’t leave a baseball game in the 8th inning when the home team was losing 12-1. I’m just hanging around now to see the fireworks show. I’m not on the field, can’t change the outcome, and just hope we don’t go into extra innings.

  2. JayMar says:

    An armed revolution will not work. I am a student of the French Revolution and I can see the same problems arising here (It’s already happening with the attack on entrepreneurs, small businesses, and the tax-the-rich crowd) . Besides, I feel we are under siege from so many different angles that we cannot survive, unless we cleanse house first, and I can see the world reacting to ethnic-cleansing in the US. We are screwed, royally.

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