Trump’s Path to victory

He said, she said sex accusations are not the solution. Trump’s willingness to say Hillary belongs in jail soiled the underwear of many journalists

The path to victory can be found by separating Hillary Clinton from black voters. The Superpredator and high incarceration rate due to the mandatory minimums was a good start.

There are a couple themes that float around in the black community that are dynamite just waiting for a match. [yes, I know dynamite is not set off by fire]. The key is to alienate Hillary from the black experience – splitting them from the Democratic Party is a longer term project.

A lot of my opinions about the Clintons were based on listening to Chuck Harder in 1992 – he was kind of the Alex Jones of his time with several important differences. Harder was a life long Democrat – he wanted to fix the Democratic Party, not destroy it. His hate for the Bushes was as strong as his hate of the Clintons. They both worked for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, of course. Another important way they are different is when Harder found out he was wrong, he would learn from the experience. Alex Jones just doubles down on stupidity.

Harder had a lot of time to fill and much of that time was spent talking about Governor of Arkansas. While Whitewater and the Rose Law Firm were frequent subject areas, there is one that is explosive, but probably unknown to most in the black community, at least the Clinton Connection to it.

Go to your favorite search engine or news search and look up Barry Seal. Harder’s assertion was that Barry Seal was flying large amounts of cocaine into the airport on an airplane provided by and protected by the CIA and DEA. The connection to the Clintons was Bill Clinton arranged for the CIA to have access to the airport where many planes were flying to and from Central America. Bill Clinton had to pull back his own law enforcement people who had discovered the drug smuggling. It was hard to miss. Was he just cooperating with Feds or was he directly involved?

Many in the black community (especially the Nation of Islam) believe the CIA is directly involved in importing drugs into the United States, for the purpose of destroying the black community. Alex Jones is probably too young to remember this angle. Another accusation is the CIA was buying the drugs to fund movements to overthrow unfriendly governments in central and South America at the behest of Oliver North and Bill Casey. There is a movie about Seal’s life due for release in January. For bonus conspiracy credits look up the connections between Bill Casey and the United Fruit company (a popular NPR topic in the 1980s). Very few Hillary supporters would question anything in this conspiracy Trump just needs to tie Hillary and Bill to it.

A young senator named John F Kerry took the lead in drawing connections between the CIA and drug smuggling

A companion part of the story was that the Government created the Bloods and Crips black drug gangs and fueled violence to get black men to kill each other and destroy their communities with crack. Whether or not it is true is not as important that many people believe it is true, including many Democrats.

Can we handle the truth?

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  1. JayMar says:

    As Arte Johnson used to say: “Veerry Interesting.” I just don’t think the black community is interested in the truth. They are happy with the pablum and entitlements.

    I remember the various conspiracy theories floating at the time as I was MI and traveled often to Palmerola Air Base in Honduras as part of an interdiction campaign promoted by several South American countries and the USA. It was difficult to separate the truth from myth as well as to separate reality from deliberate disinformation.

    I remember Seal and one of the theories floating at the time of his death was related to his final sentence and the easy way he was eliminated. Meaning that he was placed in an open area situation for precisely his removal, by the powers-that-be. But, I really don’t know the truth, only some of the conspiracy theories of the time.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    The down side to this plan is it runs counter to the Republican foreign policy of the last 30 years, but Trump isn’t a Republican. All he has done is grab the party by the pussy and squeezing.

    Seal was from Baton Rouge and may have had some involvement with Lee Harvey Oswald and the mob in Louisiana. I remember driving through Louisiana in my 20s. It was a very strange place. As naive as I was, I remember driving across the swamp at night and seeing an obvious large prostitution operation operating by the side of the highway. The next day, I remember a woman at a gasoline station swearing up a storm of profanity at the pump for no obvious reason.

    Messing with the CIA and mob has a way of making your head explode. I wonder why the movie is being released just before the inauguration

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