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Bing and TuneIn have announced a partnership to make it easier to find the streaming radio stations nobody is searching for

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Bing believes it can come up with 10,000 links for streaming radio stations. Trying to publish secret direct streaming links without consent won’t work. Since iHeart controls a huge swath of access to US radio stations, that 10,000 number is going to mostly be college radio stations and stations in Uzbekistan.

The big lesson from ~15 years of doing this is 12,000 stations or 12 million is no better than 100. Adding in 1000s of random radio streams adds no value, only confusion. Right now, about 3.7 million people are streaming Pandora and Spotify, while less than 600,000 are streaming all of 12,000+ US radio stations with streams

Triton Digital July 2016 report

It is not knowable how many of the 25 million people paying ~$20 a month for SiriusXM are listening, and it doesn’t matter. Their metric is subscriber counts and churn, not home many 6 minute long commercial breaks you can be force fed before your head explodes. Note that the first number for the Iheartmefia network is all of their streaming, including the non-radio streams – it looks like 2/3 of iHeartRadio is not listening to radio at all.

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