Make America something again


So I was at Jack in the Box trying out the new Homestyle fried potatoes✅. Last time I was there cars on Pineville Matthews Road were honking their horns as they went by. There is a private school across the street, so I guessed it was sports related. By the time I finished my meal, they were gone.

Something was going on again today, so I put on the telephoto lenses and got that fuzzy image. When I pulled out, I really couldn’t figure who was standing there. Way too many signs – the only readable sign said “VETS” which isn’t exactly a partisan issue. The honking had stopped mostly. My theory is it had been a Trump group or maybe #nevertrump Republicans, or a Democrats had invaded. A space on the sidewalk is pretty much “possession is 9/10 of the law”

I then visited the South regional library branch about two blocks from Trader Joe’s – I figure it was time I got a library card.  Not a parking spot in the entire lot.   Voting may be pointless, but we sure do love doing it!

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