It’s almost over

So the conclusion 4 days out is – there is no obvious winner on Tuesday. That by itself is pretty profound. With Donald J Trump getting almost no support from his own party and every major media outlet working against him, he still might win. How much voting fraud there is and how low black turnout really is what will decide the race. Last minute shifts of millenials to Trump may also be a surprise.

Right now, my estimate has Hillary with 271, but that is off by one. Maine gives its electoral votes by congressional district – while Hillary is leading the state, Trump will win one CD

The difference between the two sets of numbers on the estimate post is mostly Michigan. Michigan has slipped into the tossup category, but Michigan went Democrat for Obama by enough that the 271 number assumes Michigan will still go for Hillary.

Hey, the Cubs won the World Series – anything is possible.

You already voted!
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  1. briand75 says:

    I remain dumbfounded that anyone who is a felon, guilty of tens of thousands of deaths, sold United States secrets and uranium to foreign powers, lied to every person she has ever met, has no interest in the Presidency other than the power she can command (and the greed – oh the greed) and is an outright criminal many times over should even be allowed to run much less be so close to a win.

  2. JayMar says:

    I am glad this is almost over. Truthfully, I don’t care who wins. I cannot support the pathological liar caporegime of the Clinton Crime Family nor can I support the “big league” vulgarian at the gates. So I will sit on election day, smoke my cigars, drink my wine, and play the fiddle while the nation burns.

    • JayMar, I urge you to vote even if you have to skip the presidential line. I guarantee that not every candidate further down on the ballot is as distasteful as the two at the top of their major party lines. At least as of yet, not every aspect of our government depends on the whims of a president.

    • briand75 says:

      JayMar – Sadly, a non-vote is a vote in this race, It’s a vote against American values and the integrity of the nation. IMHO, a non-vote gives a vote to Hillary and all the corruption she represents. You aren’t voting for Trump because he has less than ideal personality, you are voting for upholding the rule of law and the integrity of a political system wavering on the verge of destruction. I urge all who would sit out to vote – vote because America needs your vote.

  3. TheChairman says:

    Well, that is the intent… bring the polls to a draw so the (s)election can fall either way. I haven’t had any faith in political polls since the Clinton/Reno regime.

    Michigan is funny. Chelsea keeps showing up in place of Hillary, union bosses keep throwing support behind Clinton, but rank & file workers say they’ll vote Trump. Up here in my neck of the woods (Alpena/Cheboygan area), it’s almost all Trump signage.

    I know why Trump stayed in the Republican party to run, but I really wish he would have started a 3rd party to show the RNC where they really stand in 2016… 3rd place.

    Trump has garnered a much larger share of crossover voters than Ryan or the other RINO’s could ever dream. Win or lose, I want to see the entire RNC cabal euthanized.

  4. JayMar says:

    My view of the candidates…

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