NC Early Voting has ended

Early voting (not absentee) ended at 1 PM. It is hard to discern what it means other it increased a lot over 2012. Since you could vote at any polling place in the county, you can’t directly infer which sections of the county people were coming from. The only obvious pattern is that people voted more in the 10 early early voting locations, pulling people away from a closer location that opened only for the final 10 days.

As for me, I’m totally ready for online voting. Given the flimsy ID requierements, why worry about fraud. If I can buy health insurance online, they can work out voting. If my voter ID card had a pin (it has a registration number), that is enough to confirm that the mailing address was valid.

Give me an online ballot where I can vote at 2 AM from my home. Provide a picture and candidate statement so I can make an informed choice. Allow me to change my votes up until the polls close. People who want the experience or don’t want to vote online can still go in person and stand in line for two hours if they choose.

You already voted!
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  1. Parrott says:

    Yeah, Might as well do online voting. I have to log in three times on the ‘secure’ Fantasy football server. LOL
    I’ll have to stand in line over here at the fire station tuesday. Have some nit-wit cough on me and be sick for a week.
    I always throw money in the ‘boot’ on the exit gauntlet you run out of the fire station. It’s supposedly for the fire house collection of trucks & maintenance, where the county board of supervisors short change them every year. They are a volunteer staff at the fire house.
    The election ‘boot’ and the annual ‘Corndog-Spaghetti’ dinner are their two major fund raisers for the year.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      In North Carolina, probably half of the voters will have voted by now. Pollsters hanging out at precincts may get a very skewed view of the people bumping into them on Tuesday.

      In theory, the election folks could release vote counts in real time before the polls close. Internally, they probably know the vote counts from the early voting locations, which would be very valuable information.

      Colorado (“puff puff”) has a peculiar system which was the cause of the chaos. Voting in Colorado is done entirely by mail – essentially 100% absentee. It creates a weird contradiction in their rules – you just drop your ballot in the mail – but if you drop off your ballot at an official drop off location, you must show a photo ID. How crazy is that? Perhaps by mailing a ballot that is not yours, you add a federal charge of Mail Fraud on top of the state charge of voting fraud. Puff Puff…

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