Governor McCrory and Democratic Voting fraud

Tomorrow is the deadline for local precincts to finish up counting provisional ballots and late arriving overseas ballots. Incumbent Republican North Carolina governor Pat McCrory trails by about 5,000 votes.

McCrory has filed complaints challenging the votes in 12 counties, specifically

“The announcement comes just after a protest was filed saying a political action committee funded by the Democratic Party paid people in Bladen County to fill out absentee ballots favoring Democrats, including McCrory’s opponent, Roy Cooper.”

Apparently, the signatures were in the same handwriting using the same pen.

Nursing homes are fertile ground for doing this.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Well I hope President Trump gives Gov McCrory a good cabinet post in Department of Energy or something, if the dems steal NC.
    Why was Trump meeting with Nikki Haley of SC ? She threw him under the bus and distanced herself from him. I wouldn’t meet with her or ‘Mittens’ romney.

    • I was never going to vote for Clinton but didn’t decide to vote for Trump until nearly the last minute. I’m happily surprised to see that the supposedly vengeful Trump is putting the interests of the country before personal grudges. He seems to be following the example of the great Ronald Reagan, who choose G.H.W. Bush as VP despite Bush’s bitter campaign against him.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        What nudged me over the line was his Gettysburg speech, which was clearly influenced by Newt – laying out some specifics rather than just vague ideas.

        Ford called him up to announce they aren’t moving SUV production to Mexico. They never intended to do that. And the band plays on

        Trump working from his tower is tying New York in knots. 92% of Manhattan voters voted for Hillary. Maybe he can just stay there for all 4 years until they all move out of the City

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Now expanded to 52 counties – pushed back to Tuesday. Federal judge says provisional ballots have to be counted if voter says they registered at DMV but DMV has no record of them

  3. JayMar says:

    This is reminiscent of the 1948 victory of LBJ vs. Coke Stevenson in the Democratic Primary for US Senate. Three days after the election Stevenson was declared the winner by over 10,000 votes, and then…ballot boxes started drifting in. After a couple more days Stevenson was still ahead by an extremely narrow margin. A county that had reported initially 765 votes for LBJ suddenly reported a final of 965 and the votes kept on coming in. Still LBJ was still losing by less than 100 votes. Then another box was found in Alice, TX with 116 votes ALL FOR LBJ. The fascinating thing about this ballot box was the same handwriting in the ballots, the same pen, and…ALL IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER.
    LBJ won and from the Senate he later became VP under Kennedy and after JFK’s assassination LBJ became President.
    LBJ political machine in TX was like the Clinton Machine, powerful and ruthless.

    • Parrott says:

      Yeah but Doris Kearns-Goodwin said LBJ was a kind hearted man. : )
      Gov. McAweful did the same in Henrico county Virginia. Its next to Richmond.
      He was supposedly behind Ed Gillespie in the Gov race.
      Finding two boxes of ballots not ‘yet’ counted in the trunk of official state car, of course they had to count them , again! Then they decided to keep polls open long after the 7pm closing time in Roanoke. The Democrat machine were going to the crack houses and cock fighting venues and bringing them into the polls to vote for mcAweful. Did the same in Fairfax. Didn’t close in Roanoke until after 9:30pm.
      McAweful won a tight race that wasn’t suppose to be close.
      Strange thing was Ed Gillespie didn’t contest it. That was 2013

    • I don’t want McCrory to win the LBJ way but it would be great if he can somehow legitimately pull it out.

  4. JayMar says:

    What happened in NC is plain and simple. I blame McCrory for not going to the cemeteries and offer genuine handshakes to the dead. By ignoring the dead he set himself up for failure. The dead always vote for Democrats as a monolithic group.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Yeah, he’s that kind of guy. I tend to think the legal challenges are being pushed by the party, not him. He was an honest direct guy in college. His poliSci professor was a stereotypical middle aged progressive Jewish man. McCrory went up to him toe to toe – it was good practice for the future.

      The yearbook reminded me that he went to Raleigh to participate in the Student Legislature, where they sit in the chamber (possibly the old building) and go through the process of proposing legislation, holding hearings, practicing Roberts Rules of Order, etc, passing the bills, etc. he was probably the only one there who knew he was a Republican. Think of it as spring tryout for future government shortstops

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    NC Board of Elections is holding an amergency meeting right now

    Cooper’s lead is growing – not surprising as it includes provisional ballots now

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I’m listening to the emergency meeting. The committee has 5 members, 3 Republicans and two Democrats.

      It is pretty pathetic – Rhonda K. Amoroso (R) the Secretary is whining about having to drive to Raleigh and stay overnight, not getting dinner and worried about discussions going on forever. They haven’t really decided anything in almost an hour and a half.

      The general subject matter is the degree to which the state board should let the counties make their own decisions, or the State Board to intervene, or whether the role of the State Board is providing legal advice to the counties.

      Two of the other state wide elections are even closer than McCrory vs Cooper. They are hoping to have a meeting on Tuesday, but can’t agree on the scope of what will happen.

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    A little more background

    1:42 and we still don’t have a coherent motion to vote on

    They finally agreed to meet on Tuesday
    They quickly voted to assert state jurisdiction over Bladen County which had the absentee ballot issue
    On Durham County, they agreed to do nothing yet

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The most ominous thing said during the meeting was that Durham County will not complete and report its totals until the State Board has given the final canvas for the rest of the state. “So how many votes do you need?”

      At a higher level, Donald Trump carried the state by 230,000 votes. McCrory was fairly quiet about Trump until the “grabbing pussy” thing hit and then McCrory unloaded on Trump.

  7. Fred Stiening says:

    Happy almost Thanksgiving!

    So the NC races are looking a lot like a Florida 2000 (Bush v Gore). With the provisional and late absentee ballots from overseas, the Coopr lead has increased to about 6,600. Remember that Trump won by more than 200,000

    The NCGOP really is wandering in the desert. Initially they challenged individual voters one at a time, most of which turned out to be wrong. They then wanted to cherry pick suspicious counties like Durham. Now McCrory is exercising his right to a full statewide recount. The County canvases had to complete first to establish if a recount was permissible because of the small margin.

    This gets even uglier since McCrory’s opponent Cooper is also the active Attorney General of North Carolina. How can he possibly play a role when this winds up in court? The Inauguration takes place in early January.

  8. Fred Stiening says:

    McCrory is now 9,700 behind Cooper – the NCGOP is about to concede

  9. Fred Stiening says:

    McCrory is getting a recount of only Durham County. Needing to find 10,000 fraudulent votes out of 90,000 is a tall order.

  10. Fred Stiening says:

    McCrory has conceded. The Durham County recount was finding nothing, and McCrory was being used as justification for the Presidential recounts.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Maybe not. Republicans have a veto proof majority in both Houses – when McCrory was Governor, he demanded things that were too extreme be removed from the bills. On several occasions, McCrory vetoed and the Republican legislature overrode his veto.

        With Governor Cooper, the Republicans have no incentive to compromise or play nice. That’s not to say Cooper can’t do a lot of damage.

        There was talk of Charlotte seceding from North Carolina. I fully support moving Mecklenburg County into South Carolina.

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