Michael Savage entering Radio Hall of Fame

The Museum of Broadcasting History in Chicago is adding the latest crop of inductees tonight. This year they let let listeners vote, so Michael Savage has one more claim to fame.

Also being inducted is Steve Harvey, who just announced this week he is bailing on Chicago and moving to Los Angeles. Since he does a morning show, that leaves a difficult choice – no longer do a live show or start broadcasting at 3 AM California Time and line up guests who have stayed up late and haven’t crashed yet. Nationally syndicated morning shows from the Left Coast just don’t work.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    “WESTWOOD ONE’s MICHAEL SAVAGE will celebrate his 25th anniversary in Talk radio on SUNDAY (3/24). A special episode of SAVAGE’s show will air on MONDAY (3/25) to mark the occasion, with clips from past shows and special call-ins. ”


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