Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin

Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate has filed the paperwork to force Wisconsin to recount the entire state for the Presidential election


Donald Trump got 1,409,467
Jill Stein got 30,980

Obviously, Jill Stein doesn’t believe she was cheated out of a victory. She is operating as a surrogate for the antitrump people while keeping Hillary away from the process.
Trump won by 27,257 votes. That’s a lot of chads to hang.

Once her request is approved, Trump will have a right to object. She needs to articulate an actual fact based reason with evidence, not just a suspicion.

The handbook goes through the process. It sounds like most ballots were optically scanned, and the hope apparently is that running them through a second time will give a different answer. Optionally, they could do the recount manually, sorting ballots by looking at the marking on each ballot. School teachers have been known to fill in dots to fake achievement tests. Hopefully that won’t happen here.

She plans to do the same in Pennsylvania and Michigan

Trump has 306 electoral votes, he needs 270

Pennsylvania is 20 – the margin was Trump +68,000
Down to 286

Michigan is 16 – margin is 11,600, down to 270 (Tie!)

Wisconsin is 10 – down to 260

Hillary wins!

But you can see, it would take all three states overturned. With a tie, the House decides on January 6th.

Barack Obama leaned on Hillary election night to give it up. Someone didn’t get the memo. Or Romney and Bill Kistol is funding this.

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10 Responses to Jill Stein files for recount in Wisconsin

  1. JayMar says:

    Gary and Jill went up the hill
    to smoke some dope and whoopee.
    Gary fell down and broke his crown
    and Jill still smoking doobies.

    Yeap, Jill is still in lululand.

  2. briand75 says:

    Honestly. These people are all criminals. They act like pouty children and keep screaming, trying to get their way. Trump is it – deal with it you bozos.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Hillary is not joining in for demanding the recount, but wants to watch the process. The Democrats have said they found no actionable evidence of voting machine hacking.

    Wisconsin and Michigan used optical scanning tabulators with paper ballots, not voting machines. . Hopefully on Monday, Republicans appear in front of a judge, present the statement that there is no way to hack an optical tabulator and the judge overrules the election commission – and maybe even files fraud or perjury charges on Stein.

    “Saying that you will not respect the results of an election – It is a direct threat to Democracy” Hillary Clinton, October 23 2016

    • TheChairman says:

      Jill the shill. Tampering and vote fraud aside (mostly on democrat side), I don’t see how Stein has standing, as she cannot win so her request is frivolous. i.e. If democrats want a recount -they- must be the party to file and request it.

      If any recount proceeds, Trump’s team should demand an audit of voter registration addresses, verified against precinct voting records… to weed out fraud, which is the point of the recount. Let’s see how dems react to that one.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        That gets back to a pretty fundamental issue I have mentioned a couple times. Let’s say you do prove Abdul Omar is living on a refugee visa yet voted. To back out his vote, you need traceability from the registration to voter sign in to the actual ballot – which means the voting machine (or paper ballot) has to be connected to you, which means your vote is not secret if someone really wants to find out.

        • TheChairman says:

          Actually, this has been my issue with voting in Arizona (and other states) for a while… they actually do record a unique ballot serial number alongside your signature.

          The lib judges strike down voter ID laws in states, but are fine with linking your ballot to you via a unique identifier.

          • Fred Stiening says:

            If I was a government employee in a Democratic city, what is the chance I could vote Republican and not lose my job?

            Of course, these days there are probably cameras recording you anyhow, unless you are an illegal.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        I read the language for the Wisconsin Law – it makes no requirement beyond the candidate for an office filling out a form saying they suspect the results are wrong. The margin of victory only comes into play in determining if the challenger has to pay for the recount.

        At least a million of her fundraising was for lawyers. It is becoming clearer the strategy is to stall the elector vote on December 19th. Because the process used to require delivery by horse, there are provisions for what do do if the certified elector count document isn’t in DC by January 6th. It is also possible for the House to challenge the state’s official elector count document.

        So what happens if the NeverTrump folks join with Democrats?

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Answering my own hypothetical, the elector counts for President and VP are separate, although should be identical, in theory. If Trump does not have a majority on January 6th, but Mike Pence does, Pence becomes VP-elect officially. If the President outcome stays stalled, on January 20th, Pence becomes Acting President. There would be no motivation at that point to ever resolve the Presidential selection in the House. That’s why Pence is so involved in the Cabinet selection process.

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    Wisconsin’s election commission voted to allow each county to decide if they want to recount the optical ballots by hand or refeeed them into the scanning machines again. A small number of ballots were cast on touch screen machines that produce a paper audit trail.


    The story hints at one possible strategy – to tie the process up so the result is still unknown on December 13, the federal deadline. If Wisconsin can’t meet on the 19th, they lose their votes. Trump would lose them, but Hillary would not gain them, potentially throwing the race to the House on January 6th, where they would choose Trump. The House chooses among the top 3, so some rogue elector might vote for a third option to really create confusion. Mitt Romney is tanned and ready

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