Fidel Castro is dead!

Will the Democrats who accuse Donald Trump of being a Russian puppet be able to pass up the chance to worship at the tomb of their mentor and spiritual leader? Seems unlikely.

On the down side, I have said a number of times, including here back in 2009 that one of the things that motivates me to keep living is wanting to outlive Fidel Castro. At least Fidel lived long enough to see Donald Trump elected.

The source is the New York Times, so you can be sure this is not fake news. Needless to say, the length and admiration contained in the New York Times obituary reads as if Jesus Christ just died.

Light up a Cuban Cigar if you got one!

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  1. JayMar says:

    Even in Cuba there is happiness (expressed secretly) on the death of Castro. I’ve been listening to both Cuban stations and Cuban-American stations from Miami. While no one is expecting a major change in policy, a positive move should take place very slowly. Raul Castro is not as virulent as Fidel was and has expressed a desire to re-start relations with the US under Obama and Hillary. Now there is a bit of internal fear in the Cuban hierarchy about Trump.

    Fidel feared that if he were to be buried that he might have ended up as Mussolini in Rome. So he is being cremated and will be buried in Santiago a major port in the island about 40 miles West of Gitmo, and 80 miles East of the Sierra Maestra Mountains where his revolution started.

    But I will light up my Cohiba and rejoice.

  2. briand75 says:

    Castro – who ground the lives of his countrymen into the dirt for decades. He is a hero? Must be like Che “the murderer” Guevara who enjoyed watching innocent women and children put to death. The heroes of the progressive left – makes me ill.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Now comes the moment of truth. Let’s say that after the 7 days of mourning and Castro’s ashes are buried that the Cubans in Little Havana in Miam get their lifelong wish and Cuba liberates itself.

      How many of those people in Miami will be hopping on the first available boat to return to Cuba?

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    To celebrate, I activated my new Spectrum Cable Internet service. Up to 50/5 Mbps turned out to be 58/6. Now I can test 15 times faster.

  4. Parrott says:

    I don’t have a ‘Cohiba’. but i do have some Swisher Sweets ‘Perfecto’ s L_O_L !
    well Thats Two, Fidel and Florence Henderson. ( She was much better person than he was ) Wonder who will be the third person of fame to pass ?


  5. Parrott says:

    Five dollars says that jackass senator Patrick Leahy will be at the front of the mourning delegation along with Nancy(Never seen a Commie I didn’t Luv) Peloise, and your assorted California democrat. I bet ‘Bern’ is there.
    New york times is just bad.

  6. Fred Stiening says:

    Next milepost

  7. Parrott says:

    you never know if you are long in this world. Strange. I have seen a lot younger people than I, who have been checking out lately. makes you think.
    Alex says Trump needs to be careful, and to pray for him.
    my prayers havn’t been answered anywhere near what I have asked lately.
    I sure hope 2017 is better

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