Donald Trump and 9/11 “Truth”

Alex Jones has posted what purports to be an interview with Donald Trump immediately after the 9/11 attack. It was done by Channel 9 WWOR-TV, across the river in New Jersey.

Trump has talked very freely with Alex Jones, and has to be familiar with the assorted theories – that the US government knew ahead of time, that explosives were planted inside the building, that the Saudi Government / Royal Family was very involved, that George Bush, Dick Cheney and Halliburton were involved, that it was successful because it was a “test” that turned out to be real, that Building 7 housed very secret spying agencies, that this was done to get Americans to accept living in a police state, etc…

So what Trump says, assuming it isn’t fake or highly edited is skepticism about the explanation of why the buildings fell. He correctly explains from direct knowledge that the buildings were very unique – most skyscrapers are supported by the core in the middle, with the floors transferring weight to the core and a few exterior columns. The WTC was a steel shell where most of the weight was carried by the exterior walls, and stringers from there to the central core. Trump and his people visited the basement after the first attempt to destroy the building, and was amazed at the extent of the damage, yet the building didn’t fall – because it was the exterior holding the building up, not the central columns.

So Trump speculates that the jet by itself could not have done that amount of damage – that there must have been explosives on the plane.

Trump on 9/11

New York was not the only place attacked on 9/11. Alex Jones has a lot of odd theories about the attack on the Pentagon that are provably not true, which is why I’m reluctant to sign onto the truther bandwagon. Trump has apparently stopped asking for his classified briefings. He may have questions that are too dangerous to ask.

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  1. JayMar says:

    For the Bush government to create this would have been an impossible task a true logistical nightmare. No, as much as I dislike Bush he was too stupid to conceive this idea. This was all done by terrorists and the only government that help carry this out was our “friendly” Saudis et al.

    Think about how many people it would take to carry out this attack. Maybe a couple hundred, and no leaks? Think about the Iran-Contra only 4 people in the government knew about it and it exploded like fireworks all over. How about the Watergate scandal, less than 10 people, and it cost the Presidency to Nixon?

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