Combine Google Earth with Streaming Radio and magic happens

One of the pesky questions is whether in a streaming world people care where a station is located.

Weather Garden uses your location as a starting point – it didn’t ask for permission for my location, so it probably guessed based on the IP address’s likely location.

How complete is it?

Looking 25 miles out from WBT-AM as a starting point, my database has
22 AM stations that stream
32 FM stations that stream (including HD 2/3/4 channels)
2 Low Power FM stations that stream
23 FM translators that stream. offered me:

WZFG-AM – The Flag, located across the river from South Dakota
WFAE HD2 (Jazz) – local NPR affiliate
Translator for WNCW – a Community College located in Spindale NC
Radio Alante Alante, an internet only Spanish language “radio station” with a copyright date of 2011 and no obvious connection to Charlotte – it appears to be based in the Dominican Republic.

How well does it work for you?

Copyrights and streaming royalties are such a pesky concept.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Cheit, there isn’t another application that works better than that option of transmitters nearby. I use that to find other stations all the time, it works good.
    radio garden sucks.

    I am sure WKKT showed up in your nearby transmitters. Yeah, (SRG ) is the bomb !

  2. briand75 says:

    It “found” me in the city to the west of me. RG had about 5 streams in northern OH which I consider okay. The actual number of streams is very high, but a lot are iHeart, so I have some question on the accuracy. But if you are up for an experiment, it’s okay I guess.

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