Category Archives: Streaming Royalties Combine Google Earth with Streaming Radio and magic happens One of the pesky questions is whether in a streaming world people care where a station is located. Weather Garden uses your location as a starting point – it didn’t … Continue reading

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Live365 Isn’t

The folks at Live365 used the performance royalty hike from $.14 per hundred songs to $.17 as the reason for firing their employees and ceasing operations. Live365 was never a major player in streaming. Most of its remaining clients were … Continue reading

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Pandora’ing “fairness”

Yesterday was much more important to radio than the Fed interest rates. THe copyright royalty Board (CRB) made its decision what the fair amount to pay for playing music is over the Internet for the next 5 years. * Boring … Continue reading

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Real Radio, powered by Pandora!

While snooping around for new streams, I bumped into this station I read about in the Radio Biz press. It is a toss up whether the “establishment” radio hates SiriusXM or Pandora more. In both cases, Real Radio is pushing … Continue reading

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Desktop streaming is dead

Maybe the FCC has saved AM radio, but nothing will save desktop computers. The just released metrics from Nielsen’s Triton digital is that 73.8% of all streaming is now done from mobile devices, mostly iDevices and Android.

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What is a fair rate to stream music?

The Copyright Royalty Board was given the authority by Congress to set the rates that streaming companies have to pay to play music. There are lots of “not very visible” ties between radio and the music business. In order to … Continue reading

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