Meet Jerome Friemel

One of the benefits of improving research tools is seeing dots to connect. FCC ownership reports require owners to disclose where they hold interests in more than one station to confirm they aren’t violating the per-market license limits. There is a very large hole in the rule – if corporations are set up to own the licenses, the disclosure of ownership is limited to only that group of stations. Since there are no national limits, as long as the person doesn’t have multiple corporations in the same market, it isn’t a regulatory problem.

You won’t be meeting Jerome Friemel in person – he died in August.


He cowrote a book called “the nature of wealth” with Fred Lundgren – the pair owned the somewhat eccentric KCAA-AM (One of the original Alex Jones affiliates). If you follow the dots, they lead to Richard Hoagland and Art Bell.

I found his name trying to find the owner of the Paradise Network that owns two possibly derelict AM radio stations in North Carolina, but his radio history is much deeper

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