The Department of Truth is not taking over the FCC

Alex Jones has no problem just making stuff up. When he doesn’t understand something, he just creates a theory, then starts embellishing and repeating it.

The “Department of Truth” Amendment that Congress just passed and President Obama just signed reorganizes the (Radio) Board of Governors, which has absolutely nothing to do with the FCC.

Radio World Summary

The BBG is a non-military government propoganda agency, very similar in purpose to the World Service of the BBC. It operates the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Radio (and TV) Marti to flood Cuba with information. The important part about the BBG is that until recently, it was prohibited from directing its programming at the population inside the United States. The BBG works closely with the CIA.

Carl Bernstein – the CIA and media

As the Internet became a bigger deal, it was pointed out that Americans accessing the VOA website was violating the law, a change was made in 2013 to allow Americans to visit the VOA website.


The language of the just passed law widens the discretion of the BBG to determine who its audience is – could it be domestic? Possibly. Is the CIA going to buy Clear Channel? How do we know they don’t own it already?

The just passed law makes no mention of the FCC


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