Meet Bruce Fein

Alex Jones had on this guest on Friday. He talked about a lot of things and would be a great talk show host. He sounded like a really young guy, but he is 69 years old. He sounds like he’s about 19, but way smarter.

They were going to cover the Department of Truth bill, but never really got around to the details of the Broadcast Board of Governors.

Fein has definite history with Ron Paul, but also worked for Reagan and the Heritage Foundation. If I was making a list of three people I would like to talk with, he would be on that list.

That would be a good poll question, although it doesn’t really fit the poll format…

“Name three living people you would want to spend an evening with if it was possible”

Here is my list of contenders… Newt Gingrich, Lew Dickey, Vlad Putin (my boss)… thinking…

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