Nat Hentoff has died

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I’m not quite sure why I have the impression I’ve heard him on radio. He is one of a vanishing breed – people who think about issues, not just everything is the view of his team.

His bio indicates he was on WMEX-AM in Boston a long time ago playying jazz. WMEX was in the news fairly recently when Howie Carr was looking for a new home. My sense is I heard Hentoff on WCBS-AM commentary segments or maybe on NPR.

At his core, he was a Libertarian – but he was opposed to abortion and felt most strongly about the error of the left trying to control speech, particularly on universities. He probably knew David Horowitz as they have a lot of similarities in their background and ideas. Both had columns in the Jewish World Review

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Perhaps it was on John Batchelor. Batchelor has been on WABC for over 15 years.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      That meshes with the idea I was hearing him on WCBS or the CBS radio network. That news story was from 1963, and jazz is not something I follow. He did a colmn for worldnet daily. Another synapse makes me think he was on with Rusty Humphries. WNYC or WBAI were more probable. Maybe Joey Reynolds at 3 AM. I assume he lived in New York at least part time

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