One Ringy Dingy

The color of the Aegean Sea… details to follow…

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  1. briand75 says:

    Very nice!!!

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    As of approximately 2:15 PM today, countessrobini and the State of North Carolina have requested that you refer to countessrobini as Mrs. Fred Stiening

    • TheChairman says:

      Been away, so please accept my belated Congratulations! Spring is in the air.

      Upon reading this post, my reaction was “Aha! That explains it.” A few months ago, I had -briefly- wondered if Fred was posting as Countess. 😉 (They were on the same ‘wavelength’, and tuned with each other…. now we know.)

      • countess robini says:

        dear chairman: i can’t tell you how happy it made me to see that you’d checked in with such a gracious congratulations message. i thank you.

        your instincts were so right! we were on the same wave length, from the beginning. but even fred could NEVER have faked all the techno ineptitude i exhibited when i started making posts. i did it with fear and trembling (all you guys are so smart that i was terrified) but it turned out fine. i got a brilliant husband — and all of you delightfully quirky and wildly funny regulars in the bargain. a girl couldn’t ask for more!

  3. briand75 says:

    Excellent! Congratulations to you two – this is fantastic news 🙂

    • countess robini says:

      dear briand75: it was a joy to read your comment and we thank you so much for your good wishes. fred were delighted to share the news with you (and all the other longtime readers of the blog) as soon as we had officially tied the knot. happiness shared is happiness multiplied!

  4. Parrott says:

    We’ll Isn’t that cool ! Yes Congratulations ! You can’t beat that. Now you are off to the Taj Mahal for Honeymoon ?
    I had not clicked on this thread cause I was thinking ol’ Lilly Tomlin, and didn’t need to read that ! Silly me,
    Cool, Best Wishes and hope all your hopes and wishes come true,
    ‘Opie, there’s a woman in the house.’

    Best regards

    • countess robini says:

      dear parrott: i knew any message of congratulations from you would be exuberant and unique. and i wasn’t wrong. thank you, friend.

      because i must now relocate from jersey the official honeymoon is postponed. it won’t be to the taj mahal but fred chose a stunning place he is familiar with in new york. and fred being fred, there is a very unusual component to where we’ll be.

      your allusion to the andy griffith episode is quite apt. fred even pulled out his electric keyboard recently and started playing. things are changing, for the better. watch this space!

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Perhaps I should post audio of me singing a romantic song like “She’ll be ‘coming round the mountain’

        You know a piece of the story when I stayed for a few weeks at the outlaw motorcycle gang motel. I have a memory of a group of people hovering around the piano, and I would vamp until the next person would improvise another verse. Pushing people out of their safe zone was very exhilarating…

  5. haiti222 says:

    Congratulations! It is blessed to find someone to share life with, in some ways especially when it is done not because of children or family, but because both people want to do it together for themselves, out of love, empathy, caring, and togetherness.

    I found an Ivorian proverb (as many were funny or true, but not befitting best wishes to both of you) and translated it- ¨It is not the man who chooses the woman, but the woman who chooses the man who chooses her.¨

    You both made a good choice!

  6. countess robini says:

    dear haiti222: THANK YOU! your congratulations made my heart sing!

    you are a very perceptive lady — this is indeed a love match, made freely out of deep affection and mutual respect. i am very old-fashioned so my recurring prayer now is, “thank you, lord, for this amazing blessing. please help me be a good wife.”

    i loved the proverb you sent us. my first brief interaction with fred was about nine years ago (through this web site) and i sensed something, even back then. when we reconnected early this year, i (slowly and with trepidation) let down my guard and fred won the chance to choose me.

    again, thank you for the time and thought you invested in making your note both kind and memorable.

  7. haiti222 says:

    You´re welcome. I am a guy, though, perhaps being a single father has helped me develop, along with my friends…….Best Wishes!

    • countess robini says:

      thanks for the correction. with your warm heart, i believe you are a good and loving father. being a parent is the hardest job on the face of the earth — your kids will appreciate you when they hit 40 or so. patience, they say, is a virtue!

    • Fred Stiening says:


      I probably got that impression from the old discussion about the Disney radio channel and black women dealing with the issue of hair straightening. I’m just glad you’re here, regardless of your X or Y chromosomes

  8. As sad as it is to see our state’s population of right-minded people decrease by one, the Countess will “count” more as she helps keep North Carolina stay on the red side of purple! Congratulations to both of you!

    • countess robini says:

      dear jerseydevil: thank you for the sweet note of congratulations!

      my family’s roots here in philly/south jersey go back to the late 1600s (english quakers who got here about the same time as billy penn.) i was shocked at the difference between this area (economy so wobbly) and charlotte (wealth and growth everywhere.) leaving family is difficult but my place is with my husband so that’s where i’ll be soon.

      i promise i’ll register to vote quickly so i can do my part for north carolina, as you suggest. and i plan to start a subscription to “southern living” magazine so i can be — as fred put it — a good southern wife.

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