Bombs away!

The cruise missiles crater the runway in Syria, right out of a Tom Clancy novel. Your move, Russia.

It can’t be a coincidence that Chinese President Xi Chinping is in Florida to talk with President Trump. Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump has demonstrated he is wiling to use the US military to send messages.

Perhaps he should ask for power to conscript all adults in the contry without permission, and watch the flood toward the border exits.

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11 Responses to Bombs away!

  1. Parrott says:

    Great, you got your war McCain .
    Crap, supposedly some Tomahawks are launched to Syria.
    NBC and CBS wanted it .
    that sucks

  2. briand75 says:

    Children murdered with Sarin gas? Assad should count his lucky stars that we gave a “proportional response”.

    Russia is going to the UN. Really? What is that worthless collection of terrorists going to do? Demand an apology? Issue more anti-Semitic propaganda? Denigrate the U.S.?

    Been there. Seen that.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    The skeptical version of events was that Syria was tricked into bombing a building where US allies were storing the chemical weapons, but President Trump is extremely certain that Syria deliberately used chemical weapons.

  4. TheChairman says:

    So, on a whim, I decide to try listening to Alex Jones for the first time in many weeks (2 months). As the InfoWars stream syncs up, the very first words I hear from Jones are:

    “We’re the ones that woke the military up! Now, I’m not taking taking credit, but…”

    Yep. Close the audio player and try again next month.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I started listening to the Friday show because of Parrott’s description. Roger Stone was talking about the Syria attack. I got distracted and never developed a coherent impression of the Infowars reaction.

      John Batchelor mentioned that Syrian air operations resumed at the air base within 20 hours. Quite a mystery.

    • Parrott says:

      > “Yep. Close the audio player and try again next month. “<

      Thats hilarious ! ( But True) .

      Sorry I have been 'MIA' the last few days. I had to go to Bowling Green, Ohio. Seeing more of this great nation. They like Trump there, or at least they use to.
      Observed CSX Mainline from Greenwich, Ohio to Chicago, Il. Formerly the B&O mainline to Chicago. I saw 6 trains in one hour @ Deshler Ohio. Its straight track, they haul ( beep) !

      I'll post some details.
      Chairman, I went to the 'mother-ship' . The Airstream factory in Jackson Center, Ohio. Pretty cool. Dropped $96 on trinkets.
      walked on some old DT&I trackage.
      Drank a lot of 'Tim Hortons' coffee, they don't have Krispy Kremes up there.

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    Most of the 59 missiles missed. They were old obsolete cruise missiles

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