Trump Tycoon, the game

TRUMP TYCOON: Donald’s Capitalist Pocket Adventure by Dario Pavan in Apple App Store

I stumbled on this little app and found it mildly amusing. It was written before the election and hits every stereotypical slam against Donald Trump, but it is still somewhat amusing.

The main lesson it teaches is the power of compounding and positive feedback loops. Starting from nothing, once you know what to do, you’ll hit maximum cash within an hour or so.

In case you wonder, a quattuoroctogintillion is

That’s almost enough to balance the Federal budget!

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The two guys behind this game are Canadian. They claim to have created 500 games for mobile devices. Their last Facebook update on the game page was in December, and to borrows term used widely lately, they sounded butt hurt that us stupid Americans ignored their superior breeding, education and health care system and elected Donald Trump

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