Our stalker Ex President

Guardian (.uk) coverage

During the eight years we had to endure President Obama, a day didn’t go by when he didn’t remind us that the world revlved aroind him, and that 300 million Americans would be helpless if not for his brilliance and his wife’s nutrition advice.

It is clear he intends to spend the next 8 years of his life underminng President Trump. While Trump is getting NATO on board for militarily confronting ISIL/ISIS, Obama is meeting with former East Germany’s Angela Merkel, a totally inappropriate action by Merkel, unless Trump requested them to meet.

Obama made an incredibly ignorant speech in Berlin, or if he did understand then he is a truly evil man. Standing at Brandenburg Gate, he made the statement that “We Can’t hide behind a wall”.

The Berlin Wall was built to keep well educated East Germans from leaving. It was built by the Russians to try to defend the failng Communist East German government. West Germans were not scaling the wall to get into East Germany. The razor wire and barbed wire were pointed inward, and the East German guards shot unarmed fleeing civilians in the back.

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3 Responses to Our stalker Ex President

  1. briand75 says:

    Obama’s ego knows no bounds! The narcissist in him begs to be free and fully indulgent.

    He believes his own press and that’s what makes him so boorish and unremarkable. Unfortunately, there is a population of snowflakes out there that can’t surface a critical thought and who think Obama is the second coming. He prattles and caters to these insipid excuses for humanity. He most certainly isn’t changing any opinions.

  2. TheChairman says:

    “We Can’t hide behind a wall”. That’s because Obama and his cadre hide behind skirts.

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