Doing this will make you go blind

The Countess and I took our first serious road trip together. We ventured South to South Carolina to experience the total solar eclipse.

We settled in at the IGA parking lot in Elgin, South Carolina.

We should have been totality but we may have been at 99.99%. It got dark enough for the street lights to come on, but the sunlight never stopped completely.

I realized the camera facing me could be used with no danger to my eyes and the camera would not be damaged.

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2 Responses to Doing this will make you go blind

  1. briand75 says:

    I did much the same. Phone camera was fine – it looked as though there was no eclipse so, while interesting technically, fruitless photographically. Overall, it appeared as if a cloudy day – we were about 80% in Cleveland.

  2. TheChairman says:

    It was 70% up here, just north of the 45th parallel along Lake Huron. We did the old standby method of using a pair of binoculars to project the image onto dark paper. Just after maximum, clouds moved in with enough density to look (briefly) with sunglasses.

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