The other war in the Middle East

Following Donald Trump’s speech about Afghanistan, I mentioned to Mrs. Stiening that we haven’t heard much about Yemen recently. Now we have.

The US backed Saudi effort to destroy resistance to Saudi interference in Yemen is two years old now. The only result for the 27 million people who live there is starvation, cholera and indiscriminate bombing of civilians, which resulted yesterday in the Saudi bombing of a hotel in the rebel stronghold.

Saudi Arabia has been working to isolate Qatar from its Arab neighbors, going so far as to demand that Qatar shut down its publicly funded news service Al Jazeera. That’s an unusual demand for one country to make against another sovereign nation.

The result is very dfferent news coverage:

Al Jazeera says the Crown Prince and Defense Minister of Saudi Arabia wants a way to end their war – with the US playing a role in the negotiations.

The UK based Daily Mail is describing the situation as the Yemen resistance is unraveling.

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