Hate Speech

Yesterday, the Countess and I spread our wings to celebrate the equinox. We rode the magnificent Charlotte LYNX light rail system to “Up”town to experience central Charlotte now that the summer heat is waning.

We got off at 7th street station, the current final stop on the line. We poked our heads into the 7th Street Public Market, but were generally headed toward the Latta Arcade, one of the few remaining vestiges of “down”town Charlotte. It was built in 1914 and probably survived because it was added to the national registry of historical places in the 1970s.

We stopped in to visit the Ivey’s botique hotel, a former high end Department store converted into residential housing and euro friendly tourist accommodations. They were very friendly and not letting on that there were no customers for their $300 a night rooms.

We then trekked to Trade and Tryon, the historic intersection where two ancient Indian trails crossed, according to the ancient history unearthed by Uptown business folks. West Trade street is completely closed as construction of the streetcar extension is underway.

We heard a loud-speaker system in the distance – in the past, assorted Christian speakers have been assailing people passing by with very loud amplification to warn non-Christians (like me) that we are going to hell, etc… I accept this as the cost of freedom of speech, although I don’t think amplification is appropriate in a public area.

When we got closer, the speaker starting yelling about President Trump and how he is a racist for being critical of Barack Obama. This was more than just about the brotherly love of Jesus.

They had a large speaking venue with big letters saying “Israelites” and the verbal attacks on all white people continued, reminding us that we were responsible for slavery and the murder of millions of black Africans. The speaker was surrounded by a phalanx of muscular security agents. We moved on. A black homeless guy was so ashamed, he sat down next to us and apologized to us for what we had experienced.

This group arrived in Charlotte after the DNC Convention was held here in 2012. They have quite a reputation and were being very effective at destroying commerce in the area with their threatening hate filled conduct. They are so extreme, they even have been pointed out by the SPLC as a hate group.

Israel United In Christ teaches the idea (similar to the Nation of Islam) that the Hebrews of the Old Testament were black Africans, and the “fake jews” have hijacked the legacy that God bestowed on the [black] Israelites.

Sorry, no video or pictures from our trip, but this will give you a taste of their preaching. It appears to be a chapter of a larger organization.


They are standing outside the City’s transportation center, whose patrons are almost entirely poor and/or non-white.

Sometime in late December, Charlotte is expecting a counter protest to an “anti-Communist” gathering, as apparently being opposed to Communism now means you are a White Supremecist…


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2 Responses to Hate Speech

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Fine line between anger and hate. John Lydon credits anger with his childhood recovery and has named his book after it

    BBC Breakfast interview show in HD (2014) – key point is in the last minute

    his 1986 hit mentioning anger

    Interesting bloke.

  2. briand75 says:

    Just what this world needs – more hate.

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