The Food Bank

The Countess and I went on a visit to the fifth largest city in the state of South Carolina on Friday.

There is a very popular French bakery in Charlotte named Amelie’s.   It has very good pastries and light sandwiches and soup.

The Amelie’s in Rock Hill is located inside what used to be a Bank in the central business district on Main Street.

The vault has been repurposed…

The balcony where the boss used to watch the tellers…

The entrance and some of the fine details.

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4 Responses to The Food Bank

  1. briand75 says:

    LOL! Clocks are also for perfectionist wannabes 🙂

  2. countess robini says:

    amelie’s has six locations. five are in the charlotte metro area; one is in atlanta.

    the decor is shabby chic elegant and very quirky (as you can see.) i saw a ceramic clock that had exquisite line drawings of paris landmarks (eiffel tower, notre dame, etc.) but was utterly impractical for telling time. (no numbers, tiny hands.) very french.

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