How much diversity is too much?

WBTV TV: Are 345 diversity and social justice courses at UNCC too much?

345 diversity classes at University of North Carolina – Charlotte?

Cited Breitbart Story

Why did it take Breitbart to get the Charlotte media asking this question? UNCC is the state funded branch of the University of North Carolina.

Their source

Original pdf

The number is a little inflated because of cross listing the same course under different departments, but the list is still staggering.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    When it is healthcare, any diversity is too much according to the Democrats. Obamacare is one one set of coverage for all (with gold, silver and bronze deductibles for the coverage. )

    As a man, it requires me to buy coverage for cervical cancer, and my wife has to buy coverage in case she gets prostate cancer.

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