Lexington BBQ

My roommate’s former wife went to Catawba and they lived most of their adult lives in Lexington N.C., the self-proclaimed pork BBQ capital of the world.

After the last of the 40th reunion activities were over, we headed for Lexington on the back roads. It’s a fact that most non-chain restaurants in North Carolina close on Sunday – something to do with the 10 suggestions in the Bible. But Yelp found us a BBQ restaurant located a few miles out of town in the vicinity of high rock lake.

“Lexington Style BBQ” is made from slow cooked pork shoulder. Each restaurant has its own definition of what the right recipe is. In general, the BBQ is vinegar based, not necessarily having any tomato. Back before refrigeration, the highly acidic base protected the meat from spoiling.

I ordered “coarse chopped” BBQ that looks like this.

I did not take this picture until after I had already been eating for a bit. As you can see, the portions are huge. Hush puppies and dipping sauce are in the background.

Earlier in the year, Lexington has a BBQ festival that draws upwards of 100,000 visitors, which is just insane, and we instead have an invitation for a personal visit.

Based on the reaction during our visit, I’m sure we will follow up on that.

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3 Responses to Lexington BBQ

  1. TheChairman says:

    Wow… it looks like you have over 1 pound of pork on that plate!

    • Fred Stiening says:

      And that was after I ate some – had a sandwich last night and today for lunch from the leftovers. I gained two pounds over the weekend. Friday night we ate at a Japanese steak house similar to Benihana – yet another new experience

      Ribeye Steak Dinner
      Fried Rice piled to the ceiling
      No regrets at all

  2. briand75 says:

    Amazing that BBQ is so popular! I spent much time in the Southeast US and so I am fond of Pork BBQ. I was taken aback when I spent time in TX as they explained that the only “real” BBQ was beef!

    I can tell you both are wonderful 🙂

    As The Chairman indicated – nice portion!

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