Women are analog, men are digital

Earlier today, I proposed the theory that female brains are analog and men’s brains are digital. This has some connection to the notion that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”. The thesis is that brains of women and men acquire information and make decisions in fundamentally different ways.

This conclusion is based on my extensive six months of experience as a loving and devoted husband. The Countess suggested that I post this theory and see what other people think of it.

In a digital world, everything has to be either true or false, yes or no, on or off. There is no ambiguity permitted. In an analog world, there are an infinite number of possible results, and you will never be certain that the result you observed is correct. When provided with identical inputs, an analog system can produce different results each time which are completely unpredictable, but each result is correct.

One could make the case that perhaps the female brain is a quantum engine – meaning that it could contain any number of independent and potentially contradictory ideas at the same time, and still arrive at a decision.

Gotta go – time for dinner. Honey? Hello?

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Radio Silence
    ( Analogue and Digital )
    Is safest for me!

  2. TheChairman says:

    A good analogy. In mathematical terms, men are the rational and real numbers, while women are the irrational and imaginary numbers such as pi, e, and i (sq root of -1). That is, they cannot be defined in terms of rational real numbers, but are still very useful. 😉

  3. Parrott says:

    start a new category,

    Hey Countess , we’re in Philadelphia. 30th street station was awesome!
    We saw and all the mosaics and that spirit of transportation sculpture. I’m glad they restored everything in there.
    Reading Terminal market is awesome! I had a real phillycheese steak!
    Of course Mrs Parrott got some fancy ‘caprice’ something ( who knows) It was awesome !
    so much good food, lots of vendors.
    Hey I went to china town, the Mint, Independence hall, the Robert Morris statue.
    Tomorrow the art museum. Haven’t seem any cigar shops,
    Took a pic of the Federal reserve bank.
    Thanks for the guidance to Phily Countess. Its pretty cool
    rode the train up, Amtrak app says we hit 129 mph north of DC to BWI airport

  4. Parrott says:

    ha ha ole ‘Boltneck’ he’s such a dork.
    >More of Parrott’s Philadelphia adventures:
    Just left the Franklin institute, that place was ‘Top Shelf’ . Planetarium was good to.
    They didn’t ask what cheese I wanted, ‘provolone’ . I said ok,
    When in Rome do as the ‘Romans’ . Its so nice outside today. Mrs parrott hated to go to her conference at 1pm. Had to take pics of Rocky and ‘Thinking Man’
    Now that is a nice statue in front of and across the street from the art museum with George Washington on a horse, with Deer, Bear, Buffalo and Moose. Mermaids , ( I guess) I need to look this one up : )
    parrott out.

    • countess robini says:

      you got to the rodin museum. that’s wonderful. they say it’s second only to paris for works by rodin.

      did you go inside the giant heart at the franklin institute?

      your energy level is amazing — you’re cramming so much into so little time. keep us posted!

      • Parrott says:

        Hey Countess, made it back home. I tell you what, Philadelphia was a blast! Thank you so much for the guide on what to see! we didn’t make it out to Bala Cynwood.
        China town had some excellent restaurants, best hot and sour soup I ever had! I got one of my nieces a ‘Pikachou’ stuffed animal and she loves it. It was awesome !
        Reading terminal was the best. I got some donuts in there at a little store and they were so fresh! and soft pretzels and Philly cheese steak , oh my, it was so good.
        Heck I got a Nathans hotdog at 30th street station and it was good , mustard chili & onions.
        I found a cigar store Cappelli brothers on South 13th street. They were so nice. I think they liked my accent and just asked me to talk and asked me where I was from. I bought some cigars and they said I had to come back next time I was in Philly. I had a great time. They were real friendly.
        Rodin museum, was killer, I didn’t know it was art and sculpture museum, mrs Parrott liked it a lot, it was cool. I had seen that ‘Thinking man’ many times and there it was !
        No I didn’t go into the heart at Franklin, that makes me woosie.
        went to see the Baldwin steam engine in the basement.
        we watched the big pendulum knock over some of the small ‘chess pieces’ ( for lack of a better name) .
        went into the planetarium there, and the machanical displays of the V8 engines, saw all of the space suits and the clock that tells time on Mars, from the 50’s. so cool, Mrs Parrott went with me to all that and the rocky statue. Oh they had a Drone demo at the Ben Franklin statue there as well. Flying that thing all over the room.
        I spent time at the US mint ( they have airport style security there) and watched them make quarters and pennies. That was wild, no pics allowed .
        Then toured constitutional hall, and visited the Robert Morris statue. Then I had a beer at the beer garden at the Dow Chemical building ! I said holy crap!
        My niece wanted me to bring a pigeon home so I took a pic of one real close up. She named him ‘Beau’ . I couldn’t get him on the train.
        Then saw a Loomis fargo truck leave the Federal reserve and talked with the security guard there for a minute or two, shook his hand.
        Philadelphia was a blast. I gave a guy playing a youkulele on arch street a couple bucks, I thought , hell you are doing that out here, braver than me.
        They pulled the fire alarm at the Marriott where we stayed and Philly’s finest showed up and the let me take pics of the fire truck.
        we had a blast, we both would go back and spend more time there cause we had such a great time ! It was super nice,
        There was stuff we missed, art museum.
        I see why you like it there.
        You and Fred could catch ‘the Crescent’ and get you a private compartment and ride to Philly. The train was a blast, that was fun too.
        thanks for the guide!
        best regards

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