The List

Add Travis Smiley to the list of men pulled off the air on radio or TV based on accusations of improper past conduct.

The list being mostly liberal men is not mitigating the underlying principle.

We have:
Garrison Keiller
Tom Ashbrook
Al Franken
Leonard Lapote
Jonathan Schwartz (WNYC)
Matt Lauer

Who else?

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9 Responses to The List

  1. TheChairman says:

    Weinstein, Rose, Conyers, Spacey… a new one every day, so it is hard to keep track.

    I quit listening to Laporte (years ago) when I heard him harassing a woman on the air, it was blatantly obvious over the radio, didn’t need to see a video stream. What a twit.

    Yes, most are liberals. I guess that makes me seem biased, except it has been my observation that male ‘champions of feminism’ tend to be the worst offenders. The Spacey incidents expose another sub-category. i.e. men being harassed by gay men.

    We haven’t heard from the Countess in awhile, what are her thoughts on this sudden avalanche of accusations and revelations? Did she win the 1st annual Haiku contest?

  2. Parrott says:

    oh yeah Chairman listed him, but I had to emphasize : PBS fellow,
    ‘The Crusty paw’ himself, Ole ‘Good-time’ Charlie Rose.
    Ha ha ha ha Condescending punk,
    Salma Hayak was always hot, if she just doesn’t talk, I like her accent, but I don’t want to hear her talk.

    • countess robini says:

      today it was morgan spurlock, the documentary maker (“supersize me.”) fred showed me a mini-esssay this morning on a thing called twitter longer where he copped to being “part of the problem.”

  3. countess robini says:

    actually, it’s called twitlonger. here is a link you can click on to read spurlock’s mea culpa:

  4. Parrott says:

    Thats was a good one Countess. I have been listening to Dave Hodges tonight, and the have been talking long conspiracy from Oklahoma city was driving force on getting clinton re-elected.
    They are reporting some of the senators are going to be added to the above list.
    Wild !


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