Cumulus changes at Chicago’s WLS

One of the benefits of bankruptcy (as opposed to debt restructuring) is it allows the bankrupt company to terminate contracts. WLS has let the local hosts from 10 AM to noon go, replaced by syndicated Cumulus host Chris Plante. This allows WLS to now carry Rush Limbaugh live. Local host Steve Dahl is moved an hour earlier, but he might also be a “cost” they want to shed.

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  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Fred, Thanks for that. It is great to have another option to listen to Chris Plante. Streams from WGOW-AM had been unreliable for a couple days this week. I had switched to them about a year ago after streams from WXLM has become unreliable. Both stations have an alternative to Sean Hannity at 4 pm CT. I know that WMAL has a local host at 4 pm … and from the WLS web site, they too have a local host, Steve Dahl.

    I went to their page and found Dahl isted as 3-7 CT (4-8 ET) – they had not shown him moved up yet… they also show Rush from 12n-3pm CT. Have they been delaying Rush by an hour, or have they programmed their page to show their times to me as ET based on my IP address?

    I googled and found they have a new page for Chris Plante as the host from 9-11: That answers both questions. They must have forgotten to update the program-schedule page because, as Chris would say, “they are suffering from Newzheimer’s” LOL

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