So about that viral hug photo

Black boy hugged by white police officer during protest

So, Chris Plante points out why this story is going to vanish faster than the movie “Chappaquiddick”. You may have seen the original photo that went viral. You may have heard his family was killed in a car accident recently when their car went off a cliff along the Pacific Coast Highway.

What you are less likely to have heard is that police believe the parents deliberately drove their car off the cliff based on data recovered from the air bag computer. Three of the children were found dead, and the other 3 are still missing.

What you are really unlikely to know is the parents were the consummate liberal “family”. The two white lesbian women decided to adopt six black children. One of the moms has a criminal history from using violence on one of the children. One of their neighbors in Oregon called child protective services because the children were begging for food, saying their moms were punishing them by withholding food.

The media is trying to explain away this mass murder by suggesting their motive was “death threats” from the three year old photo. Plante says there is also a picture of the family at Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders rally

CPS visited three times

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4 Responses to So about that viral hug photo

  1. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    See? These liberal parents by definition would not believe in the Second Amendment or in gun ownership. No gun violence here. No if could only force everyone else to have their same beliefs.

    I like to tall my liberal friends that banning guns will make guns go away just like banning marijuana made marijuana go away. In reality, the Reagan/Bush crackdown on the smuggling or big bulky heavy marijuana caused the smugglers to invent the 80s crack epidemic – much easier to smuggle $10,000 of cocaine than $10,000 of marijuana.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Within the black community and social services agencies, there is a persistent belief that cross racial adoption is a bad idea, especially with older children. Someone allowing six adopted children is insane. Chris Plante says in retrospect the boy hugging the policeman was screaming out “please help me!”. Will this reopen a discussion of homosexual parents adopting children? Not likely.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        This is a very very sad situation. In general, the more in common the kids have with the parents, the better the fit. Some people of all races are racists and children are helpless. When I read the story, I wondered of the abused children were boys.

        There is a shortage of people willing to adopt children, especially minority children or children with special needs. From what I understand of the shooter in Florida on Valentine’s Day, he had a very troubled childhood, starting when he was very young. His biological mother also had serious issues and have not seen information on his biological father. Despite the push since WWII to convince the public that all issues are do to environment and not biology, the science shows that some traits are inherited.

        No people and therefore no parents are perfect. I think that children will do much better in a loving home with parents that love them than they will being cared for by employees of the state of any other organization. It really has to be decided case by case as each child and each potential parent has their own unique baggage and unique strengths…and the best alternative for the child in the real world may not be the same as the best alternative in the hypothetical world.

        • Fred Stiening says:

          Someone who I respect who works with social workers reports that it is widely understood that if children are not adopted out by about age 4, the damage is irreversible.

          My tingly sense is that at least one of the children died in another location, precipitating the apparent murder / suicide.

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