The new focus

Hello, fans of SRGuide…

The past few weeks, I have been working on slimming down the directory to make the work required a little more compatible with marriage.

I’ve removed the disclaimer about the directory not being maintained, but maintenance is still very limited. I intend to only update schedules for Conservative talk stations, as that is frankly about the only reason people come here. That means I’ve dropped NPR, Classucal Music, Biz Talk and Sports. Since has no contact info and hasn’t fixed their broken station list, I have dropped HD 2/3/4 channels. Low Power FM stations get the boot.

The player button does nothing more than send the visitor to the station web site – no more worrying about testing and updating players

Outside of major markets, stations that are not talk format will get minimal attention.

And by “here”, I mean the Radio directory, not the blog, which hasn’t had a new signup in a very long time.

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