John F Kerry is colluding with Iran

The news was reported first by the Boston Globe (which sits behind a paywall)

The framework was agreed to by the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council and the EU. Any attempt to apply unilateral sanctions against France, Germany, Russia, China and the UK could be a disaster.

Former Presidential Candidate, Vietnam war hero, former US Senator and former US Secretary of State (appointed after Hillary Clinton left the office) has been meeting with world leaders – including the foreign minister of Iran – to try to salvage the Iran nuclear deal from Trump’s threatened withdrawal.

This collusion to undermine the foreign policy of President Trump is a slam dunk violation of the Logan Act, unless he was authorized by someone who has the power to do so. Congress has oversight authority over government operations, but the President and his employees conduct foreign policy through the Department of State.

One explanation being trotted out is that Paul Ryan knew.

It is time for a special prosecutor to investigate this collusion with the government of a dangerous “enemy”.

The British and Europeans have been direct on this issue that they will scrap the entire agreement if the US unilaterally withdraws. As weak as the Iran nuclear agreement is, they don’t like what President Trump is doing. In the absence of that agreement, the previous sanctions are not reinstated.

Barack Obama (and Iran) were warned by Candidate Trump that unless the deal was handled as a treaty, subject to ratification by the US Senate, President Trump would have the power to withdraw from the agreement. Some started the charge that Trump had violated the Logan Act

Did Donald Trump Violate the Logan Act? Probably Not, But It’s Still a Terrible Look

Of course, we need to consider the possibility that President Trump and / or Secretary of State Mike Pompeo DID authorize the collusion, which could explain why the Boston Globe is reporting this.

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5 Responses to John F Kerry is colluding with Iran

  1. briand75 says:

    The most corrupt cesspool of worthless excuses for human beings I have ever seen. Between the so-called Democratic Party and the worthless media – I could vomit.

    Trump has done nothing to even light an ember to the holocaust of the Dems and the media. Witch hunt, liars, sociopaths and bedwetters.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    President Trump cleared up any doubt whether Kerry was acting on behalf of the Trump administration

    My suspicion is that the undisclosed source for the Boston Globe story is a political ally of Benjamin Netanyahu – who is very clear on what he wants. It is time to play hardball, a sport Republicans seem unfamiliar with.

  3. Parrott says:

    ‘Boltneck’ Kerry needs to crawl back under his rock. No one asked him, If we want his opinion we’ll give it to him. Man he looks like he was hit in the face with
    Genghis Khans boot ! The big dork,


  4. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    This is the one, Parrott. If you squint hard, you can still see the bloody ketchup stains, even a Tide Pod won’t get them off.

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