Vicarious Hurricane Watch

 A Charlotte person who lived through Hurricane Hugo in 1989 had the opportunity to buy a decommissioned Coast Guard light house off the Southern Coast of North Carolina.

Somehow he has internet access and electricity on his now Bed and Breakfast Inn (it has 8 bedrooms below the helipad) and has set up a live YouTube feed

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Eyewall has collapsed, winds way down

    Washington Post will not be giving Donald Trump credit

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Good find, Fred. This should get interesting during the day, and there is no one from the weather channel standing in front of it blocking the view and yelling to ruin it.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      It was getting its internet access relayed from the Wilmington Tower, and the feed went down

      • Fred Stiening says:

        The flag took on the name Kevin in the YouTube chat and has achieved the status of an official meme. is selling limited edition T-Shirts (limited to how many people order)

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Just now… trying to stream the Chris Plante Show from WAAV 980 Wilmington, NC to also catch the local news and the stream is off line. It is my first visit to the stream since the storm. I suspect they still have no power. …

        Switched to WEEB 990 AM Southern Pines, NC which is streaming the Chris Plante show.

        … don’t know why FEMA uses Waffle House to gauge storms when we have the Chris Plante show to gauge them. 😉

        (Caution with WEEB – last time I listened they often stream silence during commercial breaks, then jar you with the sudden resumption of programming minutes later after you forgot the stream was still going!)

        • Fred Stiening says:

          There used to be an ability to put a breaking event on the top of the directory pages giving links to radio stations with live coverage, but I must have commented out the code. I don’t think I ever got any feedback thanking me for doing it, so I lost interest.

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            The links were interesting and probably useful to the general public… probably less so for me since I have a feel for what stations exists across the country.

            While it is outside the scope or “radio”, what would benefit me would be a list of links to local TV stations during a disaster. Most go to news 24/7 and stream it online for as a public service. Even those that don’t cut away from regular programming usually have a video podcast of their last local news broadcast.

            That Frying Pan Ocean Cam really hit the mark – thanks for that!

            • Fred Stiening says:

              More to the specific point, the breaking news information would not be indexed in real time by Google – so nobody would see it, even if the information was potentially useful. That is a spin on the old “if a tree falls in a forest, and nobody knows, did it make a sound?” Issue.

              I knew about the Fukishima earthquake within an hour and had put up links for Guam, Hawaii and the west coast. I hoped it might help somebody. On another earthquake that was sending a tsunami from South America to Hawaii, I actually succeeded in contacting Rusty Humphreys to alert him why there was unusual activity outside his hotel. The actual risk was not as great as the predictions. I am still glad I made the effort.

              While I found it interesting, the public as a whole would not. They would turn on a TV and watch the compelling images. There comes a time when you have to accept reality and move on.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        The relay is back. Wilmington Tower apparently has internet access again.

        Appears to be live. Still night.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    The NWS is standing by its prediction that the storm will stall along the coast for a day, move South, then cross South Carolina

    It came ashore as a Category one with the totally expected coastal flooding but this one is not Hugo or Hazel.

    We will be on the strong side of the storm. Winds will start this evening with the serious wind (~40 mph) arriving on Saturday. I expect power to be out for at most two days. Countess will be glad we have spam and rice crispy cakes! And root beer!

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    About 3% of Mecklenburg County is without power. Power was off here for maybe 10 seconds. No major roads blocked. Statewide about 390,000 without power, about 10% of Duke Energy’s customers, nowhere near the hypothetical 3/4th prediction.

    Wolf! No, seriously!

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    People without power in NC down to 221,000. That is a lttle misleading as a number of small towns run their own power systens, buying power at wholesale rates, and doing their own billing and maintenance, so outages in those places do not show up in Duke’s total as long as the lines into the city are intact.

    Mecklenburg County is now under 1% outage and expect everyone in the county restored by 10 PM tomorrow

  6. Parrott says:

    Hope Foyle is ok. I hate flooding. My Grandparents were always getting flooded in West Virginia. Clean up sucked, mud on everything. Might as well throw away furniture. Finally they moved out of the flood plain.
    Roanoke river cresting 26 feet above flood stage. New river cresting 17 feet above flood stage. Danville Virginia should be in NC this time next week.
    stay safe out there

    • foyle says:

      We are hanging in there. Survived many hurricanes but first time we have been flooded. 3+ feet of water got in. We have removed 4 feet of drywall, plus all floor coverings, tossed furniture & appliances. Flo’s big storm surge just ravished our area. It will be weeks before it is dry enough to begin reconstruction. Maybe a year before we are back in our home. Thanks to all for thoughts and prayers. I will stop this before gets any longer as I don’t wish to hijack Mr. Steining’s blog.

  7. Fred Stiening says:

    79 customers in Mecklenburg County are without power.

  8. briand75 says:

    Okay – it’s pretty quiet here. First priority – is everyone in the affected area okay? There is a chance that some folks are flooded out, so I will keep an eye out.

    If anyone needs anything that I can help with – say the word.

    God bless all who endure.

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