October, the month for fear

Halloween, stock market crash, sexual assault charges from decades ago, nuclear war with China, Donald Trump having the 25th amendment invoked – everything to fear including fear itself

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Harold Camping died in 2013, shortly after his end of the world prediction didn’t come true. His Family Radio network lives on, but after five years the new owners seem to have given up hope that Mr Camping is going to resurrect their finances. Broadcast of his recorded shows is ending.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Country music stations are going to have 58 seconds of silence today, unless the automation decides to play a Kars for Kidz PSA when it detects silence

    • Parrott says:

      Fred, you owe me a new monitor ! I blew tea all over my Dell 24″ monitor when I read the ‘Kar for Kiz’ comment : )

      The Albuquerque NM station walked all over John B Wells ‘Ark Midnight’ , last saturday night with stupid ass commercials for the last two hours. I know I only heard like 20 minutes that last two hours ! Idiots

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    WABC-AM in New York has fallen to #24 in Nielsen ratings (among subscribers)

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    The EAS nationwide test is happening today. TDS victims are suddenly shocked that the US President has the ability to take over every radio, TV and cable channel at the same time. This was not a concern about former President Obama.

  5. Fred Stiening says:

    At 2:18 PM (ET) today, President Trump will seize control of every means of communication in the country (TV, radio, cable, cell phones, etc) for an important announcement.

  6. Parrott says:

    My iPhone didn’t receive the alert. did any of you get the alert ?


    • Fred Stiening says:

      Both iPhones phones got the message. The wireless carrier was in charge of relaying the message. We use T-mobile. I don’t know if iPhone has setting to suppress message. For sure, you can suppress amber alerts.

      Radio/TV message was two minutes later. EAS gear at station may not put warning on streams, as I didn’t hear it.

      Mr Radio – Rush Limbaugh – did not remember it was going to happen until his Apple Watch vibrated. Rush stated (incorrectly) that this test is done once every three years.

      Rush, semi jokingly said the test is scheduled to interfere with his show. That is also not true. The FCC and NAB work together on this. It needs to be late enough that it isn’t waking people in Hawaii, morning drive on the West Coast… :18 works both for stations on fixed show clocks or floating breaks. It is early enough so it should not overlap afternoon tornado warnings (it is done in October because tornado season is waning). The test was delayed three weeks because of Hurricane Florence. This was the agreed to backup date.

      This is not the first instance of Rush having a large gap in his knowledge of the Radio Biz. I see no evidence of a succession plan.

    • TheChairman says:

      We (wife and I) each received a MAGA Alert on our Blackberrys (ATT). I was hoping for a ‘pre-announcement’ regarding Ruth Ginsberg’s replacement. 😉

  7. Parrott says:

    I ‘m not judging, but ‘Connie Chung’ ? Really, she is on the ‘me too’ thing? Wasn’t she married to Maury Povich ? I remember her on the evening news .
    Is this stuff really so pervasive ?


    • countess robini says:

      No. I really don’t think it is.

      But since it is basically guy land here I will tell you I have heard a few stories over the years from other women.

      * An older professional woman raped in her own apartment in a very upscale building in center city Philadelphia by a maintenance man who let himself into the apartment during the night. Raped and beat her repeatedly and threatened her life if she went to the police. She reported the crime and they caught the rapist. She told her story privately to a small group of women and I was there. This was back in the 1990s. I found this lady totally creditable.

      * A woman — then in her 50s — suddenly announced to me during a phone conversation about five years ago that she had been “sexually assaulted” three times in her teens/early 20s. I listened to all three stories. In the first two she had put herself into very dangerous situations and the men involved had tried to parlay that into having sex with her. (she didn’t know either of these men.) She had a long history of drugs and alcohol and wild living. even in middle age she was still doing crazy reckless stuff. I believe the two incidents happened as she described them. (and I can’t remember the details of the third incident. Sorry.)

      *Back in the 1990s a neighbor described to me an assault that had taken place years earlier.

      She was a young wife and mother of two little kids,living in california. Her husband, who was older, died suddenly.

      Shortly after his funeral, their minister – he was a personal friend of her husband and a fishing buddy — came to the house and asked her if he could have some small item of her husband’s as a memento of their friendship. Of course she let him into the house and the assault took place there. (I am unclear if this was a rape. I didn’t push her on the clinical details. I wasn’t in reporter mode. I was a friend and neighbor.)

      She did not report the incident to the police or the authorities in her church. But she did tell a married couple who were friends to her and her late husband. They also belonged to her church.

      Not long afterward the minister returned to her house but this time she wasn’t alone. The male friend was there helping with some household repair in the kitchen. He saw/overheard what the minister said and tried to do a second time. He put a stop to it.

      My neighbor and the married couple then went to the authorities in the local church. The upshot was the minister was encouraged to leave and got a glowing recommendation from the church so he could get his next job. They then sent him on his way to the next unsuspecting

      My neighbor soon realized she and her kids would be better off returning to New Jersey to be near her family. They moved not long after that.

      I believed my neighbor’s telling of the incident and the aftermath. It was a private conversation between two women and she had no ax to grind.

      Are there any other women here who want to answer Parrott?

  8. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Footballphobia – 110 yards across – with only one real End Zone! Now that is a tight end but rest assured that all the carbon will be safely captured for algore swiss bank account rhythms. 😉


    • Fred Stiening says:

      The web page URL might mislead you – the test would shrink the earth to only 330 feet big, not shrink it by 330 feet.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        I had better check my spreadsheet. I come out with 100 meters. Someone has a math error somewhere. lol

        • Fred Stiening says:

          And people think parking is difficult in New York City now!

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Should have no effect on the Mars colony and a negligible effect on the lunar colony. The difference is that the Moon might get a little wobbly with a collapse centered in Europe (per my same spreadsheet.)

            Why don’t we fund a new project to reprogram the Hubble so it will automatically point itself toward earth to get some good pictures of it?

  9. Fred Stiening says:

    If a woman is drunk at a party and takes off her dress and is only wearing a tiny thong, did she just commit sexual assault on the people present?

    • Parrott says:

      yeah, takes a lot of energy to build the damn things. Those wind farms kill a lot of birds also. They never mention that.
      Environmental whacko’s. I have never liked that wind generating BS.

  10. Fred Stiening says:

    The FBI has now admitted to Congress that the source of the “Trump peed on a Russian hooker” fake dossier was given to the FBI by an attorney for the DNC and Clinton campaign


    • Parrott says:

      yeah, I passed on viewing car vs. deer. I have seen it in real life in the opposite lane. pass.

      But, I tell you what I have been watching, modern day ‘Hobos’ that are riding ‘double-stack’ trains on goober tube.
      The guy that is doing quality video is ‘RanOutOnARail’. HD quality.
      He seems to know what he is doing, has a good radio, solar chargers, and the best thing, he doesn’t flap his ‘yap’! Just the sound of the bearings, wheels on a rail, flanges squealing, diesel locomotives, and some annoying wind and hiding from the RR ‘dicks’ ( sorry Countess) Please pardon my french.
      Dallas to Meridian MS is good. LA to Dallas and Longview Texas.
      He captions the town names that they pass through, names of trains and important bridges.
      I was surprised he rode a NS train from New Orleans to Meridian. NS usually watches pretty close.
      Good videos Search on youtube ‘RanOutOnARail’ you see a lot of country,

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Two aspects of the video

        I have the sense they had no idea how close one or more of them came to being killed

        More pointedly, I don’t think they realized their own contribution to the accident. The deer got spooked and actually ran into the side of the car. I am sure this video is evidence (in their minds) of why humans should not drive cars

      • countess robini says:

        That’s ok, Parrott. I worked in three different newsrooms. Heard lots of bad words.

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Not to worry, Parrott, that is common slang … we all know it means rail road gumshoes. 😉

  11. Fred Stiening says:

    Amazon has gotten permission to build a $200 million warehouse and distribution center on currently vacant land next to the Charlotte Airport. There are an expected 1,500 jibs possible, not counting the robots


    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      If Amazon doesn’t pay those robots a “fair wage”, I wonder if they moonlight at those new robot bordellos that I keep hearing about.

    • Parrott says:

      that’s wild. Amazon is building everywhere.
      Long story, two weeks ago, a friend of mine at work and I ‘railfan’ with Google satellite and google car. We check things out at work some days we get annoyed with management and we check out for an hour or two and follow tracks to different cities.
      Well, we were looking at the NS inter-model facility there beside the Charlotte/Douglas airport . I started looking around, and saw the Animal control & Care facility for city of Charlotte, just south of the runways. I started looking at cats listed on their site as available. ( never a good thing)
      Found one. Last weekend, me and Mrs Parrott was thinking/planning on adopting a ‘Grey’ Cat. Hopefully like the one we had, that passed in 2016. We’ll, it is always roll of the dice with cats and personalities.
      They had a nice grey one. Its description was ‘ picked up as a stray. Very young and healthy, gets along with other cats’. So I called and asked the nice lady that answered the phone, if we could come and visit the cat and make our decision. Sure, took my name and information, would have the cat ready, she said. She also told me she had seen this cat and it was very nice, had a blue collar. I asked if it likes to ride ? no Idea.
      Looking forward for us to come and visit and would have him out in the display/interview/visitation area, Saturday sept 29.
      Then red flags started waving. She put me on hold to talk to a supervisor. ‘Lisa’ the nice lady on the phone says there was a note in the ‘system’ which says the cat was visited on sept 15 by some other people. At this time she could Not verify that if the cat was still there or adopted. She would call me back. Called me the friday 28th . Cat was not there. We were sad. Thats how it goes.
      The website was updated on Monday the first, but I had already saved the pic. so we didn’t get to adopt the grey cat, or visit Charlotte. I was going to let you know we were headed that way. Last weekend was a bust.
      so I guess we’ll go to bridge day in west virginia @ New River gorge in two weeks, and Ill be scared stiff walking out on that bridge .
      I missed the Moth Man feastval again. Mrs parrott distracts me on purpose, when that comes around in September.
      no cat either.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        If you look at the Y for the CLT transmodal facility, the land is on the North side, right against the I-85/485 interchange. It will be pretty straightforward to haul containers on the road West of the runway. They already built two bridges looking forward to a future project. The city had the foresight to buy up huge swaths of land 50 years ago. There is a tentative plan to add a fourth parallel runway. With the planes basically flying themselves, the use of parallel runways is becoming the norm

  12. Fred Stiening says:

    WDET-FM reports Michigan is considering starting a passenger train from Detroit to Traverse City

    • TheChairman says:

      Being this is Michigan, a quote from the TC ‘dreamers’ says it all: “A ongoing study suggests there’s enough demand to justify a passenger train from Ann Arbor to Traverse City. Now, boosters need to figure out how to pay for it.”

      Ah, yes… a subsidized train ride for the few. Sounds like a democrat scheme. They want to start with seasonal and special event ‘excursion’ trains (tourists) and use that as their proof-of-concept for eventual full-time daily service.

      The original poll question was: “Do you want a train -from- Traverse City TO Ann Arbor.” Of course, that is the flaw with any poll question; framed correctly, you can almost always the get the desired result. It will be funny to see the reaction of TC liberals when they realize the track runs both ways.

      • Parrott says:

        Interesting. C&O had that, we’ll it went to Petosky. It was Pere Marquette heritage. You could get off at Traverse city.
        Dipsticks, they didn’t know what they had.
        From Ann Arbor this time? Is the old Ann Arbor RR trackage still in place? Looks like bits and pieces in Owosso, Alma, Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Cadillac. Looks like it ends at a sand quarry in Yuma or storage cars near Yuma MI. It use to go Frankfort/ Elberta on Lake Michigan.
        They would have to relay the C&O , Thompsonville north. Chessie system pulled that in 1982.
        I guess if money is no issue, it could work,
        what was old is new again.

  13. Parrott says:

    WEBY has Hurricane broadcasting information going on. They are in Milton Florida on the outside of Pensacola Florida. They say they are in the zone of just rain bands, and lighter winds. they are streaming. I listen to WEBY for Gun talk on sunday afternoons. They are very good, and local style.
    ‘VLC’ will stream them, ( Thank you CC)
    Santa Rosa beach is going to get hammered. It was such a nice state campground.

    Hunting Island SC was changed forever, from the hurrican they had a couple years ago there in Beaufort SC, they lost all their beach side campground areas.

  14. Fred Stiening says:

    The FCC is moving forward with cutting back the protections given to Class A AM stations in the 1920s. Class A stations are ones that keep broadcasting with full power (mostly 50,000 watts) after the sun goes down, effectively preventing 1000s of small towns from having reliable AM stations after sunset.

    The growth of interference from electronic devices, the availability of SiriusXM in most cars, the lack of local live programming and ubiquitous wireless internet makes “clear channel” AM stations an artifact of a time that no longer exists. We are not hanging on our chairs listening to WGN on our Philco radio to hear the outcome of the Dewey Truman election.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Since the advent of Google, we hardly even use the Dewey decimal system. 😉

      • Fred Stiening says:

        If your local library hired robots to fetch and store books, we could repurpose librarians to be Uber drivers

        • CC1s121LrBGT says:

          In all seriousness, most libraries now have ebooks that with your library card, you can download for free from Amazon.com. You check them out like a regular book but there is never a late fee – they expire when they are due unless you extend them (easily done unless there is a list of people waiting to their turn to check out the same book.)

          Regardless of what your political beliefs may be about paying hundreds of dollars per year to fund your local public library – you are paying for it and you might as well use it.

          [This has been a public service from CC.] 😉

          • Fred Stiening says:

            And Hoopla

            • countess robini says:

              Thank you for the plug for hoopla. Here in Charlotte everyone with a library card gets to borrow six items a month. I tried doing a few audiobooks on hoopla but found it cumbersome to use and the control buttons are too small. (the two cataract surgeries I had last year were spectacular successes but they didn’t give me the same eyesight I had back in college. )

              Where hoopla really shines is with video. Fred put a hoopla button on our roku tv and I use up my borrows almost every month. And sometimes Fred’s as well. It’s simple and uncomplicated to use — I REALLY need simple and uncomplicated — and has a wide choice of tv shows and movies. I’ve found some real gems.

              NB: Somehow hoopla made a deal with the great courses — a company I’ve loved for years — to offer a some classes that would cost a fortune to buy directly from the great courses on DVD or as downloads to your computer. Just last week I started one in the “books that matter” series. it’s on the decline and fall of the Roman empire by Gibbon. Harvard prof. I didn’t read it in college and regret that. There are 24 classes in the course so it will take a while to finish.

  15. Fred Stiening says:

    In a move to destroy the WCBS-AM franchise, Entercom is picking up NY Mets baseball next year. All News stations survive because commuters put the station on a button and just leave it there. P1 listeners are your bread and butter.


    So now from April to October, people turning on WCBS to get traffic and weather will instead get 3 hours of baseball, six days a week. This will motivate them to look elsewhere. Entercom also owns all news WINS-AM in New York. I never understood why CBS didn’t merge the station content after merging with Westinghouse.

    The Mets are currently on iHeart’s WOR, so this is a win for Rush Limbaugh.

  16. Parrott says:

    No one gives a shift about baseball. Overpaid ‘roids’ that don’t shake hands after a game.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      MLB should move or add teams in Cuba and Dominican Republic and see how quickly the myth of Baseball being “America’s sport” vaporizes

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Medical doctors make about 5 USD per month in Cuba – that’s right, five US dollars per month for being a medical doctor.

        It is unlikely they will be buying any tickets to a MLB game any time soon… or that anyone would pay for TV rights.

  17. Parrott says:

    Doom Alert : Beep, Beep, Beep.

    Stocks down 800 points yesterday, poised to drop another 300 points today.

    end of Doom alert,

    Kanye West is meeting President Trump for Lunch today. ‘Kid Rock’ will be there for discussions also. ( Way to go Michigan ! Chairman ! )

  18. Parrott says:

    In other October news, “A US and Russian astronaut made an emergency landing following a rocket failure on a mission to the International Space Station.
    Shortly after lift-off, the Soyuz rocket was reported to have suffered significant engine difficulties which has caused the mission to be aborted.
    Despite the failure affecting the booster rocket, which design go back to the 1950’s, the crew members are alive and well in Kazakhstan” Russian media reported. RT.

    Thanks former president obo, for cutting the U.S. space program and killing the space shuttles and not building new ones, so we have to rely on the Russians .
    But hey, its all about ‘race ‘ to the Dems and obo .

    and addendum to previous message, Kanye West, Kid Rock, visiting the white house. Jim Brown, Hall of fame football player and movie actor, will be there also.


  19. Parrott says:

    That wild Fred, and did you know there are 24o,000 wickens in the U.S. ?
    will this record deal that Trump signed, make music cost more? I don’t listen to anything new anymore. ‘Flowers on the wall’, Statler brothers is a good song.
    wonder if Taylor swift is going to get more cash ? She went bat guano. She should have married a Kennedy and been done with it.
    Kelly Pickler is from Albemarle NC, she is much better.


    • Fred Stiening says:

      One of the main aspects is that the behind-the-scenes people, like the producers and the music editors will get royalties. Music produced before 1972 was being screwed over by the way the previous laws were written, resulting in much uncertainty over whether radio stations could play the music without paying for it. The basic idea that radio stations do not have to pay performers for over the air plays has not changed.

      The most important part is that users of music like SiriusXM, Pandora, and Spotify have a much more certain future revenue model of how much music will cost them and who it is that will decide. Somee portion of that future framework is that Congress has given itself the power to intervene in the future – if the rates are not reasonable in the eyes of the people donating campaign contributions to the politicians.

  20. Fred Stiening says:

    Emmis is abandoning NextRadio.

    The CEO of Emmis Jeff Smulyan has been pressuring cell phone companies to activate the FM circuitry in many cell phones so people can listen to “over the air” FM radio without using cell data.

    In Asia, this is fairly common, but we don’t live in Asia. Apple phones have no provision for an FM antenna, and phones with this capability rely on the earphone wire acting as an antenna. Since the iPhone is my phone, I cannot give a first person report. Since Apple is in the business of selling music, the only way they would do this is a government mandate, which was the ultimate objective of Mr Smulyan.

    To me, the issue is not whether an FM tuner is useful, but that an app is needed to activate it – one written by a radio station owner with an agenda. NextRadio is sending data back to Emmis – which stations you are listening to and tracking your GPS location.

  21. Fred Stiening says:

    ICANN is changing the locks on the internet


  22. Fred Stiening says:

    Less than a month from the election, YouTube stars Diamond and Silk have a movie out in theaters. The two pro-Trump black women star in “Dummycrats”. In the Charlotte metro area, with a population of around 2 million, the movie is available in only two theaters. Neither theater is within 10 miles of a black neighborhood.

    The movie will be shown only once around the country on Monday, October 15th at 8 PM ET


    We only found out about the movie / event from a very brief mention before a movie we saw last night

    • countess robini says:

      Can we get it on roku tv later?

      P.s.: we saw “first man. ” The reviews were so good. Movie underwhelming. Went to the 4:20 show. About 12 people in the theater, including us. All aging boomers, like us. Don’t think this one has legs, despite all the buzz.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        I am a bit puzzled by what is going on. My best guess is they were unable to get any conventional movie distribution, so they did one of these Glenn Beck things where you broadcast it to a group of theaters as a one time “event”. The extended trailer showed a bunch of clips of Democrats doing stupid things, but I don’t know how or if they obtained the legal rights to broadcast that content.

        You might be able to get away with that on YouTube, but I don’t think a conventional movie distribution outlet is going to carry it unless the producers can prove that they’re not going to be hit with copyright lawsuits and have legal clearances from non-cekebrity people who appeared in the show. The presence of people not members of SAG, Aftra, and the like in the production might create issues for theaters that have unionized employees.

  23. Fred Stiening says:

    While checking out the Jesus Christ show, iHeart was running an ad for an “IPO” for the company that publishes “High Times” magazine. Puff Puff.

  24. Fred Stiening says:

    Afraid of electricity use possibly causing fires, PG&E deliberately cuts power to 60,000 customers


    The race for Governor of California is getting closer

  25. Fred Stiening says:

    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died. Alt-Ctrl-Del did not revive him.

  26. Fred Stiening says:

    An FM radio personality in Detroit has died at age 63


    I turn 63 next month. Yikes.

  27. Parrott says:

    Well, the Parrott is going to buy a Powerball ticket, and mega millions ticket.

    If he wins, rumor has it that he will buy CSX and run it as a real railroad.
    ( Can’t afford NS. ) Then build a Cat rescue facility.

    Maybe buy a radio station and run a real live ‘ WKRP’.
    : )

  28. Fred Stiening says:

    This will be the last month with an open thread. Finding new comments is tedious for the new readers, so I will strive to be more structured.

  29. Fred Stiening says:

    Since I largely have not cared, I did not realize how far Facebook has gone to totally control all content. While webpress websites are welcome to embed Facebook posts into their blog, the opposite is definitely not true. The ability to Echo your blog post content on your Facebook feed has been turned off, and even if you embed a URL in your Facebook feed, it will not fetch the page and present a graphic preview and a title. Their fear of the Republican “mob” is going to destroy them from inside.


    As Rush and others have pointed out for decades, freedom of speech does not mean “freedom to talk as long as I agree with you”. Even those people who hate all Republicans are going to catch on that what Facebook is doing is extremely unhealthy to civilization.

    For those communication companies in the radio business who still think that using only Facebook is a reasonable way to promote their radio station, I have created a special category of radio station format called “uses only F***book”, with no link pointing to their pathetic Facebook page.

  30. Fred Stiening says:

    Legendary Chicago talk host Steve Dahl will be leaving WLS-AM and taking his bedside jar stories to podcast.

  31. Parrott says:

    well o’le October has turned out to be a blast. Fake Bombs and fake news.
    Dave Hodges southern ‘Red Dawn’ invasion is losing steam. Gosh he has been predicting that for I know three years and the Guatemala invasion was as close as it has come.
    The stock market is down and the 401K is in the dump. I told Mrs Parrott it was just funny money. We should have bought ‘Beanie Babies ‘ !
    I didn’t win Powerball nor Mega millions. CSX is lucky this time. Would have had to
    re-open the Lima Locomotive works in Lima Ohio bringing jobs back to America. Order some 4-8-4 ‘Greenbriars’ and run on Natural gas.
    Maybe some 2-8-4 ‘Kanawhas’? It would have been glorious.
    In other news, I bought a cool Cactus neon light at Cracker Barrel. Mrs Parrott was at a conference in Richmond Virginia and left to my own devices, Bass pro shops in the morning & cracker barrel for lunch. Voila, we have a neon green cactus light.
    That was good in October, depending on your point of view.
    Chairman, I am installing Linux Mint on a Dell D-630 laptop. I’ll let you know how it goes.
    I guess Halloween is next.

    • Parrott says:

      Cool Fred. That is it. The part about Syrian refugees, still bothers me. I remember a interview with a Christan Syrian family that was trying to get to the U.S. and they applied, but were rejected because they were Christian. It was on 60 minutes I think. It was when ‘obo ‘ was president and doing everything he could to kill Christians around the world. They could speak english.
      CBS had a info-graphic that showed over 18K syrian muslims were allowed in and only thirteen Christians from Syria were allowed in.
      Dark days in the U.S. back then.

  32. Parrott says:

    whoa, something happened on SRG this morning . Mornings on the Mall, wmal is gone.
    in fact a whole bunch is gone. Does this have something to do with IBM buying
    red hat ?

  33. Fred Stiening says:

    Boston’s Howie Carr has had a potentially career ending development to his radio career.

    The Mob Boss / FBI informant Whitey Bulger has been killed in Federal Prison in West Virginia. He was 89 years old


    • Parrott says:

      Yeah I heard that whitey bite the dust. I seen that movie Johnny Depp did on him. He was believable. I think he continued to act like whitey afterwards. Supposedly Disney dumped Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, they couldn’t come to terms on contract. Next movie is a reboot I think, no Depp.
      That prison is in the middle of nowhere. Off interstate 68 near the Maryland state line, not far from Pennsylvania. In that upper corner, east of Morgantown.
      I-68 is up and down, you just cross ridge after ridge.
      expensive road.
      we had three trick or treaters. Two were my nieces. The other was a friend of theirs with them. Tobleroan and Reese’s were the treats, and we’re done.

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