The reality of racial fear

This Tuesday, one of the more important US House races is our district.  The District runs from South Park Mall, most of South Charlotte and Matthews, then all of the lightly populated counties that border with South Carolina, over to Fayetteville (Home of Fort Bragg).

In the primary, our district ousted the Republican incumbent in favor of the candidate backed by the rural counties – Charlotte minister Mark Harris.  Those voters are Republicans who used to be Democrats before the Democrat party was taken over by George McGovern, Bernie Sanders and Jesse Jackson – and may well return if Democrats allow Conservatives back into the party.

Mecklenburg County is dominated by the City of Charlotte, increasingly controlled by Democrats, which translates into race.   The mayor, city manager, police chief, fire chief and soon to be county sheriff are black.  The fear is palpable and didn’t start yesterday.

You may have heard about a school shooting near Matthews NC in the past few days.   Why the story is dying quickly nationally is there is no white villain.  One black student shot and killed another black student.  The school has consciously been made “diverse” by the county, combining poor black and Hispanic children living in apartment complexes with predominantly white upper middle class areas.    This has resulted in two things.

Those who can afford it, send their children to private Christian schools that have the power to expel students who are disruptive.  Matthews is trying to set up a publicly funded charter school separate from the county School system, but getting legal pushback from the county School system (CMS)

The alternative is you flee Mecklenburg County – either to South Carolina or to Union County.   The map shows just how strong this force is.

The yellow area is Mecklenburg County – almost completely undeveloped.  The moment you cross the county line, it becomes wall to wall high density subdivisions who attend Union County schools.

The people in Southern Mecklenburg county are not voting for a Republican preacher, even many moderate Republicans.   Mr. Harris won the primary with a huge majority of pro-trump voters in Union County, where Monroe is the biggest city.

The wild card is the Eastern counties of the district.   The further East you go, the larger the proportion of poor, rural blacks surviving on subsistence farming.   The dirty little secret is they are socially Conservative and quietly oppose the gay rights agenda due to strong religious beliefs and a peceived shortage of heterosexual black men not in prison or headed there.   In 2016, they stayed home and would not vote for Hillary.  They will decide this election, and Republicans are ignoring them.   President Trump should have gone to Fayetteville, not Charlotte.

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5 Responses to The reality of racial fear

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    So Mr Harris did win by a little under 2,000 votes. The pattern was very interesting. Absentee and early voting skewed heavily toward Mr McCready, the Democrat who lost. As I suggested, Union County voted heavily for the pro-Trump Baptist minister. The voters in election day voting in South Charlotte broke roughly 50/50, but the solid Union County turnout more than offset the Democrats who voted early in South Charlotte and west Fayetteville.

    Of course, electing a Republican House member means that our district has no clout in DC for at least the next two years. The three Republicans on the Mecklenburg County board of commissioners were all voted out. Republicans did not even put up a candidate for Sheriff. Our governor is a Democrat. Republicans still control the NC legislature, but with a smaller margin that is not veto proof.

  2. Parrott says:

    Just looked at the map in Real Clear politics for the senate race in Michigan chairman.
    All red for John James except the higher density areas. So he looses. Same here in Virginia. NOVA , Virginia Beach, Charlottesville and Richmond. You can’t win as republican in Virginia anymore in a statewide office.
    The State House and State senate, are both republican. That’s all we have anymore.

    • TheChairman says:

      Hey Parrott. Yeah, the irony is John James (black conservative) lost mostly in the Detroit/Lansing areas. We voted for him, as did most of northern Michigan.

      It seems the ‘racists’ are on the DNC plantation, and don’t want to leave it.

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    If CC was here, he would probably point out that since we are looking at Union County, we won’t see streets in Mecklenburg County. That is true but except in the city of Mathews, there is little development going on. Union County is building a toll road through the county to speed up and accommodate more commutes.

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