More year-end syndication changes

We already have Laura Ingraham and Michael Medved going away this month and NBC Sports is ending most of its programming.

Fox News Radio, which used to carry Bill O’Reilly, Brian and the Judge, John Gibson and Tom Sullivan – never got traction on terrestrial radio, only on SiriusXM.   A large part of the reason was probably that Clear Channel’s Premiere (Beck/Limbaugh/Hannity) has been “repping” the Fox lineup to radio stations.  That is a pretty clear conflict of interest, but the industry has lived with it.  Talk Radio Network was frozen out in syndication partly because they were repped by Westwood One (later acquired by Cumulus Media) that had its own competing lineup, but Westwood One owned no radio stations.  Once merged into Cumulus, the same conflict of interest comes into play.

The current Fox News Talk lineup is very weak.  Todd Starnes used to be a fill-in and weekend host.  Brian Kilmeade is still going strong, but without Judge Napolitano.   The other hosts I know nothing about.

Fox News is moving their affiliate representation to Westwood One (Cumulus), but that won’t solve the issues.  News Corp owns no radio stations to form a critical mass of listeners.  The only substantial station that carries Kilmeade is the Cox Radio flagship WSB-AM in Atlanta, but they air the show from midnight to 3 AM as inexpensive filler programming.

In other news, Glenn Beck’s “the Blaze” and Mark Levin backed CRTV are merging their streaming operations.   Countess follows this more closely than me and says health problems and Levin’s father dying might be why CRTV is no longer as important.

Out West, Armstrong and Getty is a syndicated Conservative talk show, but not well known beyond California.  They are ramping up to try to capture some Laura Ingraham affiliates, but the rest of the country doesn’t much care about the lost cause of being a Conservative in California.  Liberals hate monocultures, unless it is their political beliefs system.

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