Weekly Standard to fold?

Of course, CNN hopes so.


The publication is currently owned by reclusive Conservative Philip Anschutz, who also runs the Washington Examiner.    The Weekly Standard is most associated with neocon Bill Kristol.   The publication remains firmly #nevertrump and recently volunteered to be an official Facebook “fact-checker”.   Their only friends live in “the swamp”, feeding from the trough of Federal money borrowed from China.

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2 Responses to Weekly Standard to fold?

  1. Parrott says:

    Interesting. I recognized that name, Philip Anschutz. He was that guy that bought Rio Grande Railroad in 84, then somehow parlayed his cash and Rio Grande to take over Southern Pacific in 1988.
    I had read that back in the eighties when I subscribed to Trains magazine. Interestingly this month Railfan & Railroad magazine has an article talking about Southern Pacific absolutely had to order new motive power in 1995, and they placed and order for 279 General Electric AC4400cw. They had completely used up everything they had bought in the 70’s. Anschutz sold off pieces of the company and run the equipment into the ground, to try and make payments for the leveraged purchase of Southern Pacific.
    What saved them was Union Pacific merging their rival Southern Pacific. Then Union Pacific had that meltdown in Houston TX. in 1998 for months . It was so bad that the government almost put a stop on mergers and deny the split of Conrail to CSX & Norfolk Southern in 99.
    Anschutz is out of Railroad business now, he is soccer guru. He was no railroad man.
    Not impressed.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      He is a character right out of Atlas Shrugged, the guy from Colorado. He acquired huge tracts of land, only to be told it was sacred Indian Land. He eventually gave up trying drill exploratory Wells.

      He also is majority owner of Regal Entertainment Group and owns the Coachella Festival, a civilized alternative to Burning Man

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