Caving to the digital overlords

Enough radio stations are starting to promote using digital assistants that it is time to face reality. I think that behind the scenes, Tunein is the vehicle being used for implementing Skills to play radio streams. As I find them, I’ll add them to the database.

I am somewhat mystified. Obviously, with Alexa, there is no screen to run a prestream video ad. By introducing your listeners to Alexa/Google Home, it just speeds up the demise of terrestrial radio. When Cumulus allowed iHeartRadio to handle their streaming, you had to be brain dead to not see what would happen.

The issue of who (if anyone) is paying streaming royalties is totally unclear. Has Amazon acquired a blanket license covering all music any radio station might play?

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    After I wrote that, one station defaulted to using iHeartRadio for the stream. How Amazon decides which streaming service to use I have no idea. It appears that you can tell Alexa which streaming service you want to use.

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