Clark Howard gives 30 day notice

Syndication contracts typically require the syndicator to give 30 days notice to the radio stations that a program is going to cease distribution. Clark Howard was being syndicated by Westwood One (owned by Cumulus media). Cumulus Media went through bankruptcy in 2017-18 – typically bankruptcy gives the bankrupt company an opportunity to break their contracts with their “talent” and demand to renegotiate the terms. Previously, Clark Howard and Neil Boortz had been syndicated by the Jones Radio Network.

Consumer advisor Clark Howard is going to cease syndicated opearations at the end of the month. He had already cut back from 3 to two hours per day. According to this story, he is making more money from his website then from his syndicated radio show. Clark also had a health incident where he mixed two incompatible prescription drugs and almost died.

Clark Howard To End Syndicated Show
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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    Meh. No big loss. His web site looks about 2004ish. Really amateurish.

  2. RebelSansClue says:

    Yeah, but this site has better content!

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