Bob & Sheri have a new home

Radio One does not broadcast to white people, so it is no surprise they have booted Bob and Sheri from the lunch counter at WLNK-FM in Charlotte NC.

Radio One acquired  WLNK-FM and WBT-AM in Charlotte from Entercom in a swap  during November 2020, and right away indicated Radio One would not renew the Bob & Sheri contract at the end of April.  WLNK-FM was their flagship station.

Beasley had acquired the CBS cluster that dominated Charlotte and one of their not-so-great stations is where the show is going to land.  Bob and Sheri have been on the air for 27 years, and accumulated 70 affiliates around the country.  An entire generation of people in Charlotte have grown up listening to this show.

Expect riots.

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