FCC migration from CDBS to LMS

This is nerdy stuff that you’re probably not interested in, but it has become apparent that this change at the FCC is going to affect this website.

The cdbs system dates back to about 1978, when the FCC first started computerizing its records maintained on 3×5 index cards using typewriters and whiteout. CDBS is the primary data source that I have relied on for 20 years.

LMS has a broader scope.  There are many aspects of managing licenses (like the analog to digital TV conversion, political advertising rules, foreign ownership) that don’t easily lend themselves to an ancient computer system that was mimicking a filing cabinet system with folders going back to the 1930s.

The focus of cdbs was processing applications, not providing current information about license information. I can tell from the outside that there were a bunch of unconnected systems cobbled together to provide that type of information, but with very slow response times and often missing data.

It’s apparent that some recent updates that appear in LMS are not appearing in CDBS any more.

In the short term, the transition from Rush Limbaugh to his replacements is my primary focus in the coming two weeks, however the LMS system could be a lot of work.

Until then, don’t rely solely on recent license changes by accessing cdbs links.





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