The Clay Travis / Buck Sexton show is here

So, the first edition of The Rush Limbaugh replacement show is complete and ready to go to the museum of radio history.

So what did you think? Is anybody out there?

You already voted!
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1 Response to The Clay Travis / Buck Sexton show is here

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The biggest hint that this show is tone deaf is the inordinate amount of time they spent promoting Twitter sites.

    Much of the Rush audience were Donald Trump supporters, and have little interest in supporting Twitter or Facebook.

    They also spent a lot of time heavily promoting the potential candidacy of Ron DeSantos for 2024. And talking about sports of course.

    If I wanted to listen to speculation about an election three years in the future, I would be listening to Sean Hannity. Have they found Natalee Holloway yet?

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