Tracking Media Bias – BATF head resigns

How do the various media outlets characterize what happened?

The Hill – Rep. Issa gets his first scalp
WSJ (blog) – Grassley, Issa: Shakeup Won’t Stop Probe of ATF
WSJ – ATF Chief Reassigned After Troubled Gun Sting
(Oh, he was just reassigned, not fired?)
NY Times – Firearms Bureau Chief Is Out After Disputed Inquiry
(Disputed by whom?)
Montreal Gazette – Acting ATF chief steps down in wake of Mexican gun debacle
(Mexico? This story has something to do with Mexico?)
Salt Late City Tribune – Grassley, Issa: Shakeup Won’t Stop Probe of ATF
Politico – Kenneth Melson acting ATF chief steps down
(Oh, nobody made him step down?)
Washington Times – ATF replaces director amid weapons probe
MPR – New acting director of ATF B. Todd Jones speaks with MPR’s Steven John
(wow, why did they need a new director?)
Bloomberg – U.S. Firearms Agency Chief Leaves After Criticism on Illegal-Guns Strategy
(an actual factual description)
AFP (France) – US names new ATF chief after Mexican arms scandal
Daily Beast: ATF Chief Out After Bungled Sting
UPI – Minn. US attorney to lead ATF
(why talk about the past?)
Federal Times – ATF chief ousted over gun trafficking incident
Forbes – Amid controversy, ATF gets a new acting director
(what controversy?)

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2 Responses to Tracking Media Bias – BATF head resigns

  1. Parrott says:

    They need to get rid of ‘PeckerHead Holder’ . He won’t prosecute his boys in in the hood in Philly. I am still mad at Senator Mark ‘Never saw a tax increase I didn’t like’ Warner, for voting for his confirmation.

  2. briand75 says:

    The steady drumbeat of Communism.

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