“Big Changes” at WOR

Now that Mr Buckley is buried and all the speeches given, there is no time to lose changing everything at WOR-AM

You could have missed my post on Sunday about Ron Kuby!showing up for Steve Malzberg on Friday, and being pretty sure I heard Malzberg over on WABC(!) doing hurricane coverage.

Steve was due back on WOR today. He isn’t. His show liners are gone. The WOR web site has a notice about a “big announcement” tomorrow. Changing to Sports? We Love Sports!

Why would WABC want Malzberg back? Here is a theory. Perhaps Don Imus is finished and WABC needs a new morning show guy. Malzberg knows the station and the city knows him

Stay tuned.

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10 Responses to “Big Changes” at WOR

  1. Art Stone says:

    My little birdie says the change has something to do with a well known New York Democratic Party politician with no prior radio experience.

    You know, Michael “Savage” Weiner was giddy when WOR dumped Glenn Beck a few months ago. First, they came for Beck, and I said nothing… Then they came for me…

    The Ron & David show…. Hmmmm…

  2. HPaws says:

    Aren’t those shows (…politician with no prior radio experience…) a bust? I thought you did an analisys several years ago and could only come up with Hightower as a sort lived quasi-success?

    • Art Stone says:

      Your memory is better than mine. I more rant about TV and Hollywood people… Let’s see who I can think of
      – Dennis Miller (he learned OTJ)
      – Roseanne Barr
      – Doug Urbanski
      – Joe Scarborough
      – Monica Crowley
      – Tammy Bruce

      One reason Rush and Beck do so well is they spent many years doing local radio. When they sit down in the studio, they don’t fumble with the technology. They know how to operate the boards as well as the person doing it. They aren’t intimidated by the show clock and hitting the breaks on time. They realize they have to describe things the audience can’t see.

  3. Art Stone says:

    The “Big Announcement” will be made at noon

  4. Only 11:20 am ET and the WOR page you link above, Art, is now a David Patterson show page. Steve wishes the ex-gov well on his personal site and says he will be doing fill-ins around the country in the near future.

  5. Art Stone says:

    It’s official! The partly blind, partly black, former accidental Governor of New York is going to try his hand doing radio.

    • Art Stone says:

      John Gambling is now talking from the press conferences, channeling the ghost of Rick Buckley

      The manager of WOR just slammed the Malzberg show for “not being local”… what an ass. Malzberg’s show was syndicated by WOR.

    • jpaulwede says:

      The blind Governor was always personable when I heard him being interviewed on radio in my market, but how this translates to hosting? Can anyone say ‘Fred Thompson’?

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